Using Natural Ways To Disinfect Your Home

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Using natural ways to disinfect your home is not only practical but also very economical. Your home may apparently look clean and dust-free but bacteria, fungus, allergens and viruses could be lurking everywhere in your house because these are invisible to the naked eye. To keep your home completely safe and virus-free, you have to clean and disinfect your home regularly.

Using Natural Ways To Disinfect Your Home

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Reasons For Making Your Own Natural Disinfectants

Below are several reasons for making your own natural disinfectants to disinfect your home.

  1. Commercial disinfectants are sold in bulk and are costly. You can easily buy commercial disinfectants in the market but these eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive disinfectants are mostly sold in huge quantities and so are quite costly. It is not practical for you to purchase these costly products. It is better to make your own natural disinfectants.
  2. Simple, common ingredients found in every household can be used to make natural disinfectants. You can use lemon, warm water, white vinegar, baking soda, salt, soap, borax, alcohol and coconut oil to make natural disinfectants. These ingredients are easily available and greatly affordable. These natural ingredients have no adverse effects on your health.
  3. These natural disinfectants can be made instantly at home. These have proven to be highly effective as a household cleaner which can clean, disinfect and deodorize your home simultaneously.
  4. No wastage and no storage space is needed. You prepare or make these disinfectants yourself at home. You make only enough for your use each time and so you do not need to store any excess amount of these natural disinfectants. In fact, you save money on these natural cleaning essentials which you can make yourself for disinfecting your home.

Tips On Using Various Natural Ingredients To Disinfect Your Home

Below are many useful practical tips on how to use natural ingredients to disinfect your home.

1. Use of Lemon

  • For cleaning your stove. To remove the grease and grime from your stove, use half a lemon sprinkled with some baking soda to rub the mixture all over your greasy stove. Then wash it off with water and wipe dry.
  • For removing limescale. Use half a lemon and rub it directly onto taps, shower heads and shower doors to get rid of the accumulated limescale. Toilets and fridges can also be disinfected this way.
  • For cleaning and disinfecting your trash bin. Your trash bin must be emptied, cleaned and disinfected thoroughly on a regular basis with a mixture of lemon and vinegar. Mix 2 cups of white vinegar with 1 cup of water. Squeeze half a lemon into the solution. Put the solution into a spray bottle. Spray your trash bin with this mixture. This will completely cleanse, disinfect and even deodorize your trash bin. A clean trash bin will not attract any pest or insects into your house compound.

2. Use of White Vinegar

  • For wiping windows and kitchen countertops. Soak lemon peels in some white vinegar. This becomes an effective, fresh and fragrant natural disinfectant. Wipe all your windows and kitchen countertops with this homemade natural cleaning essential.
  • For making all glass surfaces shine. Mix 2 cups of water, half a cup of white vinegar, a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol (70% concentration) and 1 to 2 drops of scented essential oil for extra fragrance. Pour this mixture into a bottle with a spray. Spray this mixture onto any glass surfaces such as glass windows, glass sliding doors, glass table tops and glass furniture. Wipe with a clean cotton cloth. You will find that this natural homemade cleaner and disinfectant restore the shine.
  • For cleaning and disinfecting the floor. Fill a bucket of warm water. Add half a cup of white vinegar, vodka or rubbing alcohol and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. This is the recipe for an inexpensive highly effective homemade natural floor cleaner. Use this to mop all types of floor – be it tiled, marbled or mosaic floor. It cleanses, sanitizes and deodorizes your floor.

3. Use of Baking Soda

  • For cleaning all stainless steel appliances. Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quart of warm water. Use this natural homemade solution to clean all stainless steel pots and pans, cutlery, kitchen utensils and appliances. It will restore the shine and your stainless steel appliances will look brand new once more.
  • For cleaning wall tiles. Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice and water. Mix them together to form a paste. Use this paste to clean all your wall tiles in your kitchen and bathrooms. For the final removal of further remaining residue or stubborn stains on the tiled walls, use a mixture of lemon peel and vinegar. This last step ensures a totally stain-free tiled wall.

Using Natural Ways To Disinfect Your Home - natural remedies

4. Use of Borax

  • For cleaning your bathtub. Use some borax mixed with some warm water. Put this mixture into a spray bottle. Shake well before using. Spray the whole bathtub with this mixture. Leave this on for a few minutes before washing and cleaning your bathtub as usual. You will get a thoroughly cleaned bathtub without any stains.

5. Use of Coconut Oil

  • For removing stains. Coconut oil is an excellent stain remover. Pour a few drops of coconut oil onto old stubborn stains on your carpets, rugs, mattress or any furniture. Leave it on for a few minutes for it to loosen the stains. Wipe it off with a moist cotton cloth and the stains are removed. To be more effective, mix some drops of coconut oil with some baking soda. Use this mixture for a faster and more effective stain removal.

6. Use of Salt

  • For cleaning dirty, greasy pots and pans and woks. Sprinkle some fine salt over all your dirty, greasy pots, pans and woks. Then scrub the grease away. Wash off with water. For faster and better results, use some coarse salt instead.


Try making these simple, instant, easy-to-make, natural, homemade cleaning essentials to clean, disinfect and deodorize your home. But should you find it too cumbersome to clean and disinfect your home the natural way, do not hesitate to call the best company for your needs, CleaningServices Malaysia for your house cleaning needs.

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