Cleaner Place, Safer Place: 5 DIY House Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning the house can be pretty overwhelming and complex, especially if one’s home has many parts. Each room has a different level of clutter and dirt to clean up. That means a lot of different cleaning products to use and apply to surfaces. With COVID-19 still out there, people should clean and sanitize their houses themselves more often, especially the inside. There are several ways to clean your house.

5 DIY House Cleaning Tips

Broaden your perspective and take your time in searching for creative and easy cleaning “hacks” whenever you do your general cleaning. This way, one can save time and money. One can even use kitchen products or food ingredients to make a cleaning solution to dirty surfaces. This list has cleaning tips everyone should know and try.

Roof Cleaning

The roof enhances the overall appeal of the house. Cleaning the roof is not that easy, but it doesn’t need to be very thorough either. One can choose any day, but it might be a good idea to schedule roof cleaning during a cloudy day when rain threatens to pour down. But why, though? The rain will maximize the cleaning you made. Just make sure you are done cleaning before it pours down.

One could sweep the roof using a broom and groom the roof by cutting branches of trees that obscure the roof’s beauty—mix laundry bleach with a gallon of water. Spray the solution onto the roof and one could either scrub the roof or use a powerful sprayer. If you’re living somewhere in Perth or anywhere nearby, consider getting the best services. There are many Perth roof cleaning services you can easily contact. Through availing the services, one can be assured of the cleanliness and tidiness of your roof.

Cleaning the Tub

The bathtub is probably the most crucial part of your house to clean. After a long day at work (especially if one is not in work from home set-up), one comes home and sanitizes themselves thoroughly to ensure that no virus takes over their health. Cleaning the bathtub should be focused on and taken more seriously nowadays. Scrub your tub from time to time. Make sure the drain does not have hairs so it won’t get clogged.

In cleaning the tub, it is ideal to pour a bucket of hot water on it as preparation. Then, one can sprinkle baking soda all over the tub to allow the dirt and grease to dissolve in water. Fill the bucket again, but this time with lukewarm water and liquid dishwashing soap. Dip the sponge into the bucket and scrub hard every inch of the tub until you are satisfied with how clean it looks. One can use the bucked with the solution to rinse everything.

Floor Cleaning

It is essential to clean the floor every single day, with or without a pandemic. Of course, one can go as simple as sweeping the floors as a way to clean them. However, if one wants to make sure the floor is indeed clean, one has to do more. One’s cleaning method depends on the type of flooring one has. So, identify the type of flooring you have first. After that, research thoroughly on what cleaning method to apply so the floor can be maintained appropriately.

Hardwood floors have to be vacuumed, swept, and moped. More people stepping onto this type of floor, the more it needs to be cleaned more often. Tile floors have to be swept with a broom or vacuum or a clean cloth. One has to find suitable products if one’s flooring is carpet. It is essential to find the right products specially formulated for this type of floor to maintain the quality of the carpet.

5 DIY House Cleaning Tips - vacuuming

Cleaning Surfaces

Every surface inside a house should be cleaned. There are several products to be used and surprisingly, a lot of kitchen products too. These kitchen products include vinegar, lemon, and olive oil. However, like the flooring, one has to consider the surface to be cleaned before applying any products. As part of general cleaning, one can spray alcohol on all surfaces. It is proven that 70% rubbing alcohol can kill bacteria for only 30 seconds. Olive oil is excellent at buffing surfaces that are stainless steel. It loosens grease, stains, and grime. If your stainless steel kitchen appliances become grubby, it is advisable to put a little olive oil and vinegar on a cloth or sponge and rub it on a surface in a circular motion.

Cleaning the Walls

It is ideal to deep clean the walls at least once a year. One can also do dry dusting weekly, so cobwebs don’t appear. In preparation for a repaint, it is also ideal for cleaning the walls. One can use microfiber wall wash mops dipped in water and vinegar. But, again, it depends on the paint of the wall. One should do a spot-test first before trying the solution out on the walls. Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner, but sometimes it’s too strong that it causes paints to fade. Other solutions may include warm water and liquid dish detergent. It is ideal to have it in a spray bottle for convenience. Use a microfiber cloth to scrub the walls and ensure the dirt is gone for a perfectly sanitized wall.


It is ideal for digging a little deeper in doing your solutions when cleaning anything in your house. Know what products are suitable for a particular part of the house to obtain favorable results. Have fun experimenting on different cooking turned cleaning products. Make sure you’ve acquired the perfect mix to make the solution effective.

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