Six Must-Have Upgrades for Your Home

Whether you have just moved into a new house or your current property could do with a little bit of work, there is nothing quite like an upgrade to make your home feel special. That being said, when it comes to choosing upgrades, you need to think not only about what you want but also what will add value to your home.

renovated farmhouse kitchen

From underfloor heating that promises to heat your home for less to smart lighting that will keep you illuminated in style, read on to discover six must-have upgrades for your home.

Aluminum doors

If you currently have wooden doors in your home, then you may want to consider switching to aluminum ones. Not only are aluminium doors more cost-effective, but they also deliver unrivaled weather resistance and thermal and acoustic insulation. These types of doors are particularly well-suited to modern homes and are available in many different colors and styles.

Underfloor heating

Although underfloor heating can be a little bit costly, it is more than worth the additional expense. Much more energy-efficient than other heating methods, underfloor heating works by gently warming both the people and objects in a room from the ground up. Underfloor heating is also very low maintenance; once installed, you should not experience any problems.  

Smart lighting

Can you imagine being able to control all the lighting in your home via your smartphone? Smart lighting is becoming increasingly popular in households across the country as people look for more cost-effective and convenient ways to manage their homes, even when they are not home. There are many different types of smart lighting, such as smart lightbulbs, motion sensor lights, and even entire smart lighting systems. You can control them all with the tap of your finger on your phone.

new patio decking

Patio decking

As people spend more time in their outside spaces, patio decking has soared in popularity. Enabling you to create a new living space in your backyard, the right decking acts as a seamless transition from inside your home to the world outside. Natural materials such as rustic wood are a great choice, offering maximum visual appeal and return on investment. Make sure that you use a sealant to protect your investment.

Solar panels

With energy prices at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to look into more affordable ways to power your home. Although solar energy has been around for a while now, it is only in the past few years that the cost of solar panels has dropped significantly. In fact, solar panels are now around 70% cheaper than they were a decade ago.

A new kitchen

If you choose to only renovate one room in your home, it should always be the kitchen. The hub of the home for many, a new kitchen can increase the value of your property by as much as 10%. When designing a new kitchen, opt for high-quality fixtures and fittings that deliver durability and longevity and a neutral color scheme that will appeal to a wide demographic.

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