Murphy Bed Maintenance

The best part of the day for me is knowing that I have done everything on my plate and just lying on the bed. That is why I always make sure that I have the most comfy bed that I can jump on at the end of the day. And this brings me to the point of this article. Bedroom maintenance is important. While each piece of fixture needs to be given its due attention, none probably needs the most than the bed. After all, there is no bedroom if there is no bed.

Murphy Bed Maintenance

In this article we are going to talk about one kind of bed maintenance that probably trumps every other in terms of difficulty at least. We are of course talking about the Murphy bed. With the many contraptions attached to it, and quite a few number of literally moving parts, this could be a challenge for all you Murphy bed owners.

Murphy Bed General Cleaning

About a third of our lives will be spent lying down on the bed and just resting. Even the ones with the most active lifestyles need a place to crash when their body runs out of juice. And, even if some people disagree, sleeping in is still the best weekend activity for me. There will always be days when you do not want to do anything at all, and the bed is the perfect spot to live that dream. Now that we agree how much we love our beds. Let us turn our attention to the meat of the article. So to answer that question of how to maintain a Murphy bed. We must first understand what a Murphy bed is. What makes it tick and what are the parts that you might not even know about. Generally speaking, cleaning a Murphy bed is a tricky task and some might even say that it is dangerous. I am sure you heard about all the horror stories about people getting stuck upside down on their murphy beds. Well, that is not an impossibility but do not let that fear lead make you back down.

Before we talk about the intricacies of cleaning a Murphy bed, let us first look at the common denominator of all beds. And I am, of course, talking about the mattress. Sure, the Murphy bed is an innovative marvel that lets people regain more room space than they could imagine. But, everyone in their right mind would agree that none of that matters when you are tucked in and trying to sleep. All the sleeper really wants is to be as comfy as he or she can be without thinking about the bolts and springs that make the dream a reality. You might have already heard about mattress flipping as it is fairly a common step in cleaning your bed. But, given that the mattress is screwed on tight on a murphy bed, it can get a bit more trickier than usual. However, thanks to the foresight of Murphy bed manufacturers, they should have already known ways on how to let people deal with this problem. It is true though that it may take a few extra steps than flipping the usual mattress. But nevertheless, it should not stop you from taking proper care of your mattress. The larger the mattresses are, the more difficult they are to flip but that should already be obvious. Just make sure that you do not damage the mattress whilst you are cleaning it. There is nothing more annoying than to find your bed way worse than before you start to clean it.

Murphy Bed Support

As you already probably know, Murphy beds are a bit more complex than your usual bed. It basically relies on a few machinations to allow it function the way it should. Bolts and screws aside, the safety measures installed just adds to its convolution. It could scare you at first glance to fiddle with it as it should. But, do not let it scare you from doing what you intend to do which is to clean the Murphy bed. Do not worry because it would not be a Murphy bed if it was not sturdy enough. In case you have not yet noticed, the entire Murphy bed should be used to being slammed. Either to the floor or to the wall, it can take quite a bit of force every time it is moved from one position to another.

Murphy Bed Maintenance - murphy bed

One fatal flaw that most people make is to not use the right kind of mattress for a Murphy bed. While, indeed it does not take a special mattress to use a Murphy bed, their sizes should match. This cannot be stressed enough as there have been countless consumers that have made this mistake. When the sizes are mismatched, the support may not be able to handle it the way that it is meant to. Suffice to say, most of the time, the Murphy bed has been designed to only fit one particular kind of mattress.

The Murphy Bed Should be Clean

The bed is the haven for your soul so there should be no question that it should be spotless clean. Nothing ruins a night sleep more than introducing a few rashes due to a bug infestation going on in the bed. Gross as that might sound, it will surprise you how fairly common that problem is. If you want a proper good night’s rest, make sure the bed is clean and make sure that it stays that way. All this talk about cleaning the mattress reminds me of one more thing. It does not really hit your skin, but you know what does? The answer is of course the pillow cases and the bed sheets. As any proper home dweller would know, changing the bed sheets and covers should be done on a regular basis. Personally, I do it on a bi-weekly basis but that should not be the same to everyone. Some may need less or more depending on the environment they are in, and of course their tolerance to dirt.

The bedroom may not always be talked about when discussing the dirtiest places in a household. But remember that this is the place where the person spends most time in. When you think about it, almost every skin, hair, or follicle that you shed probably ends up in your bed. And with that terrible thought in mind, let it be a reminder to keep your bedroom as clean as you can.

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