A Guide to Moving With Dogs: Tips For Success

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Are you planning on moving house with your canine friend in tow? If so, then you must know that the process will not be as easy as you think. After all, dogs are not just animals; they’re also members of the family who deserve to be treated well.

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Moreover, dogs often struggle with any type of change in their environment. They can get stressed out by all the packing and unpacking, or they might have a hard time adjusting to a new home without any of their old belongings. A Guide to Moving With Dogs

In this article, you will learn about what steps should be taken before moving day so that your pets are comfortable throughout the entire process.

7 Essential Tips To Remember When Moving House With Your Dog

Here are some tips to make sure your pup will be comfortable after moving:

Maintain Your Pet’s Routine

If you have a great routine in place with your pet, it is best to keep it consistent for as long as possible. After all, dogs are routinary by nature. This is especially crucial while you are preparing for the big move. After all, it can be very easy for your pet’s needs to take a back seat when you’re busy with other preparations. Make sure you do their morning and evening routines the same way each day. This includes feeding them at scheduled times and giving them plenty of exercise time outside or inside before bedtime. Remember that dogs are sensitive to change, and it is best only to start disrupting their routine once moving day is near. This will make the transition smoother for your pet and keep them from getting too stressed for too long.

Look Into Hiring Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers can be a great way to ensure that your pet is safe and sound during the move. After all, this would mean that you would only have one thing to worry about, rather than coordinating the moving process while also trying to ensure your dog is safe. Moreover, because most of your large and bulky belongings will be in your moving company’s moving truck, your dog will have ample space to relax and get comfortable in your vehicle. This also minimises the chance of them getting crushed by any of the aforementioned large and bulky items. Although professional movers in Croydon can be expensive, they could end up being worth it in the long run if this means that your pet will feel safe and happy throughout the big day.

However, if you prefer something smaller or cheaper, a Croydon man with a van is another option you may look into. It’s always best for them to have a familiar face around, and if this means hiring professional movers to do all the heavy lifting while you keep your dog company, then you might want to think about the benefits it would bring.

Take Advantage Of The Benefits Brought About Self Storage

Although seeming unlikely, moving with your pup will be so much easier with a self storage unit at your disposal. After all, having one will allow you to temporarily store any items that are difficult or impractical for you to carry or lug around when you are travelling with a dog. This could include things like heavy furniture, delicate items, and anything else that will be difficult to take on the trip. It is best for you to move these types of belongings into your storage unit as soon as possible, so there are no distractions when moving day comes. And then, once the essential items have been laid out and your dog has slowly started to acclimate, you can start bringing these stored items back into your new house.

A Guide to Moving With Dogs - dog in a box

If you are worried about the condition of your belongings in self storage, you don’t have to worry! After all, most self storage facilities are equipped with climate-controlled storage units and state-of-the-art security features. These include CCTV cameras, metal gates and rigorous access control systems that will ensure everything is safe while you focus on ensuring your pet’s happiness and safety during the move.

Prepare Your Dog For The Upcoming Changes

If you are preparing for a move, it is best to prepare your dog as well. This includes introducing them gradually to any new things present in their environment after the transition. For instance, if you have decided on switching food brands or types before moving day, give them a few days’ worth of these foods to acclimate to it before the big day. You can also introduce them slowly and gradually to any new people who will be around after the move if that is something they are not used to. The more time you spend with your dog in this way, the less likely they will be stressed by these changes when moving day finally rolls around. If your dog is not used to travelling via car, it will also be essential for them to get used to this gradually. One way you can do this is by taking them on short car trips when it’s not moving day yet and gradually building up their tolerance, so they are ready for the big move.

Discuss With Your Vet About Giving Your Dog Anxiety Aids

If you are worried about your dog’s safety during a move, it might be best to consider giving them anxiety aids. After all, this could make things more comfortable for them as they get used to their new surroundings and help keep them calm on moving day. Make sure to consult your vet on the matter, though, as they will be able to give you the best advice on what type of anxiety aids would work best for your dog. Also, keep in mind that anxiety aids do not always have to be a drug. Instead, they could be something as simple as a stuffed animal or chewy dog toys and treats that helps them feel more comfortable.

Keep Them Comfortable On Moving Day

Once you have prepared your dog for the move and made sure to give them all of their favourite comfort items, so they feel safe, it is also vital that you do what you can to keep them in a comfortable environment. After all, this will be a stressful day for both parties, and even if humans can go about business as usual, dogs will be more sensitive to changes in temperature. This means it is vital that you keep them cool on moving day by supplying plenty of water and ensuring they’re not in direct sunlight for too long or anything similar. Also, pack some ice packs with their blankets, which can help make the transition a little easier for them if done right.

You will also want to make sure their stomach isn’t too upset on moving day by giving them less food during feeding time. However, to ensure that they receive enough nutrition, you may opt to feed them more frequently. Lastly, make sure they have a comfortable spot in the car during the drive to the new place. This can help make things a little easier on them and ensure they don’t try to squirm around during the ride, which could be dangerous.

Be Patient With Your Dog During The Transition

Moving day can be difficult for both people and pets, especially if the process is new to them. This means it is vital that you are patient with your dog as they get used to their surroundings and try not to expect too much from them right away. This will help prevent unnecessary stress for either party during the transition period and give your dog time to adjust. Also, be wary of the possibility of them trying to run away and finding their way back to the old house. Therefore, you must check your perimeter fencing or gate for any holes or passageways they can use to slip away. Keeping them indoors as much as possible and accompanying them when they do their business are also ideal. While ensuring that they don’t do this is crucial, taking steps to ensure their safety if they do run away is also important. The best way to ensure this is by making sure their tags and microchip trackers are updated.

Moving with a pet can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you take the necessary precautions and do what you can to make things easier for them during this process, your furry friend will soon settle in just fine! So don’t fret – follow these tips, and all should go smoothly! Meanwhile, if you are looking for more information on how to make your pets happy in your new home check these tips out.

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