Moving Out Of Your Old Property To A New One? Here Are The Crucial Things You Need To Accomplish First

If you are moving into a new home as a first-time homeowner or have already done it before, in both cases getting ready to move is super exciting. Though it can be very stressful at times, it eventually gets balanced with the joy and adventure when you have moved into your new house. 

Moving Out Of Your Old Property To A New One

To help you have a positive experience throughout your move, we have assembled crucial things which will get you to prep up. When your pre-move is well planned and executed, the whole process of settling down in your new house will be less daunting. 

First Things First

You probably have years of collected things lying in your old house. Start by notifying the owner of your house (if you are renting it) well in advance. Then get to removing the big and chunky items first because by removing junk before you move into your new house you will have more space created to sort out the other items you need to take with you. Check for local removalists and finalize a date with them. Pack and mark all bigger items ready to be given away to the removalist. If some items can be repaired, take into consideration if they are worth the time and money. If you think they have some value you can consider either holding a garage sale to get rid of them and make some money or even donating it. 

Pack It All Up

When you pack things well, they are safe and easy to unpack too. Once the larger items which you don’t want are removed you have some extra space to box and pack the items you need. Arrange for boxes of different sizes along with strong packing tape, bubble wrap for fragile items, labels, and markers. Pack heavier objects in smaller boxes and lighter objects in larger boxes. Carefully wrap items that are fragile and breakable in bubble wrap.

Moving Out Of Your Old Property To A New One - unloading

In case you don’t have bubble wrap, you can alternatively use towels and linens to provide padding to such items. Mark all boxes with labels of what it contains. Also, write the room that it is meant for and arrows to show which way the box should be standing. Not only will this assure that your unpacking is easier but will also make it more systematic. Create an inventory list of the furniture and boxes for the moving day. 

Right Before You Move In

Pack the essentials the day before and make sure they reach the new location on the same day as you will be needing them. Create a plan of action for the moving day which typically should be the next itself. Confirm your appointment with the movers so they are on time. Once everything has been moved out, check your cupboards, closets, and any other place to ensure you have not left something of value behind. Arrange for a cleaning service to clean up the place so it is ready for the new arrivals. 

Once you have moved in and settled down, get in touch with your neighbors and introduce yourself. You can then prepare to slowly unpack and enjoy your new home.

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