How to Hire the Best Moving Company

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Many people don’t realize this, but a move is one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life. You have to deal with packing up all your belongings and then lugging them across state lines or overseas. And as if that weren’t enough, you also have to find a new place for all those boxes and furniture once they’re unpacked. It’s no wonder so many people are stressed out long after their move is over!

How to Hire the Best Moving Company

The good news is that you can do some things to make moving easier on yourself—and less expensive too! Let’s take a look at seven ways to hire affordable moving companies who will get the job done right.

Research prices from several movers

By using up all of your friends and family’s strong backs and expensive hourly rates for labour, you’ll end up spending far more on your move than you need to. Instead, find out qualified moving company with best moving experience and nominal pricing. College Hunks moving prices can be lower and can fit in your needs and can make smoother moving experience for you. Try calling around to get quotes from at least three moving companies, which can give you some idea of how much it will cost before the actual move takes place. Even better? Send an email to your entire contact list asking if anyone has used a moving company recently and can give you a referral.

You don’t need extra movers for everything

While it’s true that having an extra set of strong hands around when you move might make things easier, hiring whole moving crews probably won’t be necessary. Most professional movers are only needed to help with larger furniture, appliances, or extremely heavy items. The rest is easy enough to do yourself! It’s tempting to hire full-service movers to avoid the hassle, but often they’re more expensive in the long run.

Don’t fly or use a service

There are plenty of horror stories out there about “full service” movers who don’t show up until the last minute, break your valuables and overcharge you to boot. If you’re moving overseas or to another state, flying might be cheaper than hiring a long-distance mover. Another thing to keep in mind about movers is that they typically charge by the hour, so it will be pricey if you want them to pack for you and drive your stuff cross country. The best way to save on moving long distances is to go DIY and pack up everything yourself!

Own transport

Many movers charge extra for carting your stuff across town or down the block. So why not drive it there yourself? Some companies will let you take your time unloading if they’re paid by the hour, so consider hiring a mover at day’s end after you’ve been unloaded.

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Don’t buy a house right away

If you’re moving from an apartment into a house, certain things must be handled differently. In this case, it might make more sense to wait until your new place is ready before making any moves. Renting a storage unit for a few months instead of spending thousands of dollars on labour costs is another way to avoid hiring full-service movers.

Drive yourself

Why not take advantage of moving day by driving yourself to your new place? You’ll save on truck rental costs, plus you won’t have to worry about finding parking at either location! For extra savings, why not try carpooling with friends or family members along the way? Or ask around for someone who owns a large moving truck and might be willing to give you a ride in exchange for gas money.

Stay nearby while your stuff is in transit

If you live far away from your new home, it might be tempting to have the movers drop off boxes at your local post office or any other location, but this can get expensive. Instead, ask them to give everything a quick look over so they can note anything that looks damaged before loading it onto the truck. This way, when your stuff arrives at its destination, you’ll already know which boxes are safe to open and which ones should be given special attention.

One of the biggest complaints people have when their belongings are transported cross country is that they’re stuck in an apartment or house with no furniture! Avoid this issue by staying at a local hotel or relative’s home while your things are in transit. That way once you arrive in your new place everything will be there waiting for you!


No matter what type of move it is, hiring the best moving company will save you time, stress, and money. Just remember not to hire movers unless necessary and do your research before signing any contracts. You’ll end up saving more than enough cash to go on a vacation once your move is complete! Hire the best moving company by researching prices, not hiring extra movers, staying near your stuff during transit, and driving yourself to your new place. By following these seven tips, you’ll save time, money, and effort on your move.

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