How to Mount a Countertop Over a Bar Back Cooler

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Refrigeration is vital in many businesses. If you run a retail store selling food and beverages, or a bar, club, restaurant, or café, a back bar cooler will certainly be part of your equipment. These devices come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs, and you need models that are reliable and designed for long life.

How to Mount a Countertop Over a Bar Back Cooler

If you are currently investigating bar back coolers for your business, then there’s a lot to consider. How many do you need, and what capacity? Do you want to fit a countertop above our back bar coolers? If so, how best to do it, and where to source the right equipment at the right price? We’ll look at each of these questions in the following brief article, so let’ start by talking about the types of back bar coolers you might be interested in.

Choosing Refrigeration Equipment 

To get a good idea of what is available, we recommend you check out Iron Mountain Refrigeration Equipment who is among the most respected suppliers in the field. They have models of all configurations. Where do you start? The first things to do are work out where your coolers are going to be placed and how much space you have. This will determine the capacity you need, and you should be able to start making a list of possible options.

If you are looking to mount a countertop, then it follows that you need only a bar height model or models. There is more to think about when putting a countertop above refrigeration. You will need to consider the manufacturer’s instructions regarding ventilation. This is necessary as refrigerators to produce heat the needs to escape, so we recommend you talk to a reputable supplier such as that mentioned above.

If you are competent at DIY or have someone on hand to fit the countertops, the job should be no different to that in a domestic kitchen, albeit with the observation of the ventilation requirements that the manufacturer and supplier will advise you on. If you’re not sure, then ask the supplier for recommendations for a service provider to fit the refrigerators as required. Now we need to talk a little more about refrigeration and the effects it has on the environment, a subject that all responsible business owners will be eager to understand.

How to Mount a Countertop Over a Bar Back Cooler - coolers

Complying with the Laws

It is vital that modern refrigeration equipment complies with the law regarding refrigerants and greenhouse gas emissions. A reputable supplier of refrigeration equipment will use a refrigerant known as R290, which is refrigerant-grade propane gas. This is used in most new units, including air conditioning as well as refrigerators, as it has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and is, therefore, the preferred choice for bar back coolers in the modern retail outlet.

While we have undoubtedly learned from the past in which refrigerants have been responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, there is much in the way of research going into the development of new refrigerants and systems for commercial cooling needs. This is likely to influence the future of refrigerants with more efficient equipment coming to the market.

Now is the time to replace your old back bar coolers with newer, more efficient models, as the older ones may not be up to the more stringent regulations that have been put in place in recent years. We hope this article has helped you understand what is needed when considering your new refrigeration, so check out the supplier we mentioned as they are a great starting point and will be happy to provide you with advice.

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