9 Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

If you are building a new home, this is your chance to get the beautiful and functional kitchen that you always dreamed of. You may want to look at custom home builder pictures for inspiration.

9 Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Here are some ideas to think about while you are working on your kitchen design.

Allow Enough Counter Space

Think about how much cooking and baking you do. If you are an avid baker or cook, you will need enough counter space for those activities. Think about counter space for helpers such as your children, too.

Minimize Your Steps

You will want to eliminate any unnecessary steps in your new kitchen. Make sure you have cabinets for dishes and glassware near your dishwasher. Think about putting cabinets near your breakfast nook for bowls and cereal. Make room for a garbage can near where you will be using it.

Watch Your Corners

Appliances should not be put in corners. Make sure that all cabinet and appliance doors can swing open and won’t bang into each other.

Think About Your Island

Think about what functions you want your island to provide. Do you want it to have a sink, dishwasher or cooktop? Do you want to eat there? The functions you decide on will determine how much room you need around the island and how it relates to the rest of the kitchen.

Have Counter Space Near Appliances

You should have at least 15 inches of counter space next to your refrigerator and cooktop for placing items that you are cooking or storing in the refrigerator. You also need to have some open counter space near your microwave and toaster.

9 Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen - dream kitchen

Place Cabinets Attractively

Kitchen cabinets don’t look good in large blocks. Break up the blocks of cabinets with some shelves, glass doors or windows. Think of the color of your cabinets, too. Dark colors look better in large kitchens. If your kitchen is small, light-colored cabinets will look better.

Leave Space for Walking

There should be plenty of room to walk around the kitchen easily. Leave a width of at least 36 inches for any paths through the space. Paths through the cooking area should be 42 to 48 inches wide. Keep the stovetop out of the flow of traffic through the kitchen so that children don’t have to walk by it all the time.

Organize Food Storage

Food and snacks that you use often should be easily reached in the pantry or kitchen cabinets. If young children are getting their own food, they should be able to reach it easily, too. Be sure to plan for enough cabinets to hold all your food items.

Plan for Enough Outlets

You will need outlets for all your small appliances such as your toaster, blender and coffee maker. Plan for outlets on the island and along the countertops. You may want to add some USB ports in a drawer for charging your phones and other devices. If you think through your kitchen design and follow these suggestions, you should be happy with your kitchen for a long time.

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