Add some style to your house with modern rustic decor

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You might want a style for your house that looks chic and even a little country. If this is the style that you want to go for, you definitely need to try this twist on a classic design. Modern rustic homes tell stories with their decor, keeping a beautiful colour, texture, and accent pieces that can never be compared to brand new furniture. This will give off a cool vibe that will make your house look just decorated enough. It will add in elements of distress, polish, and some character in quite an effortless way.

Add some style to your house with modern rustic decor

This decor type can work for any room in your house, especially your living room and bedroom.

Keep the original elements of the house

If you have a house that has some wooden beams, it is best to keep it. These well-worn wood beams will look amazing and will add a bit of a rustic touch to your chic farmhouse. It will also enable your house to add a bit of necessary roughness and will complement the polished finishes and cleaner lines that are a part of the room. Try to expose the original elements of the house such as the brick walls or the concrete columns. This will accentuate the rest of your decor quite nicely.

Mix different forms, shapes, and styles

Most experts comment that modern rustic design is mostly a play on clean lines and a ton of natural materials. This means that you can add some rustic decor & wall art in order to accentuate a defining feature. For example, a rustic farm table will be laid back and casual but will be enhanced by the accent pieces in the room. You can also choose some industrial lighting and have a separate decorated place in order to add a modern touch. Make sure that there is a lot of light in the room so that all these different layers come to life. Do not overdress the room and try to keep it minimal.

Add some style to your house with modern rustic decor - living room

Functionality should be your main goal

If you want to truly encompass the modern rustic theme in your house, you should focus more on the functionality and practicality of the decor pieces that you have put. Try to make the place look cosy and clean. Most of your pieces should try to serve a purpose other than just being there for decor. For example, adding a wooden bowl beneath the table is not only for decor but can also handle some things and give you extra storage space. Try to make sure that everything has a similar colour that compliments each other.

Keep it neutral

You don’t have to be boring in order to keep the space neutral. Going for colours such as cream and off-white will help you choose some accent pieces that can really make the entire room pop. This will also make your space look more clean and bright. Monochromatic is the best option if you do not know what to do. It is important to understand the core of this theme before you start planning your house decor. Use this list to help you turn your house into a modern-rustic and chic house.

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