How to Choose the Right Style and Design for Your Space

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People have different design styles that appeal to their personalities and space. A well-defined style is appealing and impressive if well implemented. Getting a well-synchronized and beautiful space is not as easy as it looks. While some people seem to have their design style all figured out, most homeowners are stuck on how to spruce their spaces and turn them into beautiful havens. Defining your style affects many other areas like plumbing and electrical. It will help engage contractors like Colonial Home Services with vast experience who will understand your preference.

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Translating your unique aesthetic into your home after discovering your décor style is a significant milestone in self-discovery. Here is a guide that will help you create a beautiful and unique space which reflects your viewpoint.

Look at Your Wardrobe for Cues

Did you know that your favorite clothes can help establish your home interior space? Go through your closet and take some design cues. Pay attention to the prints, colors and patterns of your favorite clothes. If you love a laid-back rustic look, then a bright coloured interior may overwhelm you. Do not pick orange seats if most of your clothes are subtle colors. On the other hand, avoid overdoing hues and décor items. There are many home décor platforms like Pinterest where you can borrow ideas on using colors and decor and design your interior.

Gather Style Inspiration

Online platforms are among the most resourceful places when looking for a design style. Instagram and Pinterest give you numerous photo ideas where you can get inspiration. Scroll through spaces that get your attention and save them to a board or folder. Once you have gathered several pictures, check if you can spot an overall theme, color scheme or trend that resonates with you. You can also narrow your decorating style by looking at home décor catalogs, interior design magazines, lifestyle magazines and coffee table books. Knowing the stories that capture your attention is a great way to help you define a style. Also, visiting art galleries, local museums, restaurants, excellent hotels, and botanical gardens may give you a light bulb moment for your design style.

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Create a Style Picture

You will be surprised at the most surprising things and places that give you design cues. Something little, a detail or twist, often excitingly strikes you. It may be a thought-provoking artwork, a soothing painting, or a photo that evokes the most pleasant feeling. For instance, when you look at a beautiful horse painting collection, you may feel magnificent and have a sense of royalty in your space.

Comb through your décor and look for anything that captures your feelings or eyes. Collect all those things in one area of your space and arrange them to tell a story or create a vignette. This space can affect your mood and be your go-to place when you want to light up those cloudy days.

Leave Room for Experiments

There is no right or wrong in expressing your design style. You may need to try a few things to get the perfect look. Allow yourself room for adventure and experiments. Getting your aesthetics and choosing a design style is not a well-spelt-out process with clear lines. Getting the look that feels right is a gratifying feeling. It helps to have neutral background and bases if you are dynamic and love changing your space often.


As time moves, seasons change and trends emerge, your tastes may shift. Let guilt not trap you into staying with a look that no longer resonates with your style. It is ok to outgrow some designs and allow yourself to start all over again. Just ensure that your design style choices feel authentic to you.

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