Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Home Water Damage

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Keeping a home in pristine shape is no easy task. Even if you attend to all of your home’s regular maintenance needs, you could still be faced with unexpected emergencies. Burst plumbing pipes, roof leaks and acts of nature can cause major issues in your home. The damage that can arise from these incidents is substantial, which is why getting the water and moisture out quickly is so important.

Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Home Water Damage

In the panic of dealing with these problems, homeowners sometimes make mistakes that can permanently damage their residence. If you discover water damage in your home, stay calm and avoid these three common mistakes.

Dealing With Water Damage Cleanup Alone

Removing water from your home is an extremely complex job. Some homeowners think that a few mops and some shop vacuums are all they need to restore their home after flooding or a major leak. In reality, there is far more to water damage repair than removing the water. Properly drying out a home after flooding occurs is a job best left to professionals. With the help of the team at Clarke Contractors Inc. you can remove the water from your home and mitigate the risk of future problems like mold developing, as well as prevent property damage. By working with professionals, you can restore your home properly without worrying if issues will crop up later. Don’t take on this task by yourself. The money you spend on a water damage repair professional is well worth it considering the long-term problems they can help you avoid.

Waiting To Address Water Damage 

Around 14,000 homeowners in the United States deal with a water damage emergency every year. As soon as you discover water leakage or pooling in any room of your home, it’s important to deal with it immediately. Waiting to remove the water completely can result in even more damage to your home, even after only a short period of time. Some homeowners think that removing the water from the floor is all they have to do to fix the problem. In reality, water that has seeped into the flooring and walls of your home can cause structural damage in some cases, and potentially degrade the integrity of the home. The longer you leave the water, the higher the risk for mold developing as well. This is why reaching out to professionals that have the right tools and skills to remove water from your home is so important. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Home Water Damage - water

The issue of timing is also important to consider when you are going on vacation or will be away from your home for an extended period of time. Be sure to always have someone check on your home every few days while you are away, to ensure that no water problems have developed while you are gone. Have them walk around the home, checking for leaks or water marks in the ceiling. Also ask them to run the tap water for a few moments in the bathrooms and kitchen as well, especially in the winter. If a pipe bursts and nobody is home, water could be entering the home for days or weeks before you return, causing significant damage during that time. 

Ignoring the Root Cause of The Flooding

Another common mistake you need to avoid when trying to deal with residential water damage is failing to address the underlying cause of the issue. If you are unsure about how water got inside your home, then you have to work with professionals who can investigate and help answer this important question. For instance, if you suspect a burst pipe was to blame, you need to hire a plumber to inspect your system to pinpoint where the issue started. The average homeowner knows very little about their plumbing and roofing systems, which makes diagnosing these flooding issues accurately difficult. Rather than misdiagnosing your issue yourself and having to deal with them again in the future, get some help and have it repaired properly the first time. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes

There are many mistakes you can make that will make home water damage issues even worse. With the help of knowledgeable professionals, you should have no problem fixing your problems and preventing them from happening again in the future. 

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