Tips for Making Your House Welcoming for the New Arriving Puppy

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Did you decide to welcome a puppy into your life? Well, congratulations, but this also means that you will have to get ready for its arrival. Your house should be prepared for the new family member so that it appears like a welcoming environment. Do have in mind that the puppy will be parted from its mother and siblings, which is a rather difficult process. Some puppies are more resilient, but others will whine and cry once they realize that they’re away from anything that’s familiar to them.
Tips for Making Your House Welcoming for the New Arriving Puppy

So, to make the transition easier, here is a list of tips on how to make sure that your home has what it needs to welcome the new arriving puppy.

Choosing the best location for the puppy

Most people allow the puppy to explore the entire house at once. While this may seem generous of you, do know that it’s not such a good idea. For starters, choose a room in the house where it’s peaceful and quiet while making sure that it is ventilated and warm at the same time. This is where you should put the puppy, meaning its bed, toys, bowls, and a potty area.
Allow the puppy to explore the room in its own rhythm and desire, but don’t allow it to leave the room. You can use a simple stair gate to limit the puppy’s access to the rest of the house. Doing so will not just make the transition easier, as it won’t get into the busiest areas of the house, but will also make potty training easier and faster for your adorable little puppy you have just adopted.

Set up an area for the puppy’s food and water bowls 

This is a very important area, as the puppy needs to have meals at certain times during the day. Not to mention that fresh and clean water should be available around the clock. When a dog not drinking water or leaves its food, people often assume their pup is feeling under the weather. However, the wrong choice of the bowl could be the culprit. Pay close attention when your dog attempts to drink or eat to ensure they can access the contents of the bowl easily. So, don’t forget to replace the water in its bowl once a day and make sure that both bowls are clean. Food debris and leftovers can become a hazard to its health, as they will get spoiled and become a breeding environment for germs and bacteria. But, when setting up this area, make sure it is away from the area destined for toilet purposes. In other words, put your puppy’s food and water bowls away from its potty training mat or pad. Dogs don’t like eating where they do their biological needs.

Get the right kind of food

Depending on the age of your puppy, aside from getting dog digestion supplements, you can find appropriate dog food in pet stores. If you picked a vet to take care of your new puppy, he or she may give you some pieces of advice on this topic. But, choosing the puppy’s food is not so difficult. You just need to pay attention to the age group, development stage, and breed size of your puppy when choosing it. Of course, go for premium dog food brands and provide high-quality food to your puppy. This way, you make sure that it enjoys a balanced diet that will allow it to develop harmoniously. Considering treats, you can give your puppy treats, but not only as a reward, when it adopts the desired behavior or when it listens to you.

The bed should be placed in a warm area

Puppies need plenty of sleep in their first months of life. But, because the puppy is separated from its mother, it will find it hard to settle and find a comfortable spot to sleep. This is why you need to place the bed somewhere quiet and warm. One of the tricks you can use is a ticking clock, placed near the puppy’s bed.

Tips for making your house welcoming for the new arriving puppy - cozy puppy

It will resemble the heartbeat of its mother and the puppy may calm down quickly. You can also leave a radio on, setting the volume on low, so it won’t feel lonely as it falls asleep. Supplementing the bed with an extra blanket or a bottle of warm water are also good ideas. Finding something warm to snuggle with would be like sitting next to one of its siblings.

What to do in case you have other pets

The first encounter between your new puppy and your existing pets should always be made under your close supervision. First, allow them to see each other from a safe distance and see how they react.

Tips for making your house welcoming for the new arriving puppy - dog and cat

Puppies are usually friendly and social, but your existing pet may need a while to get used to a new pet in the house. Until they get used to each other, make sure that your existing pet receives all the attention and affects it needs. Still, feeding should be made separately and the introduction gradually. During this process, adopt a relaxed mindset, but always keep an eye on them.

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