Taking A Minimalist Approach To Home Organisation

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The decluttering lifestyle trend is officially taking over the internet, and we all can’t get enough of it. Ever since Marie Kondo made minimalism mainstream with her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,suddenly, everyone wants to know how to live by a minimalist routine.

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Minimalism is more than just a trend – living clutter-free been found in numerous scientific studies to massively benefit mental health. We’ve all heard the phrase “a tidy room makes a tidy mind”, and there really is some truth to it. Minimalism offers clarity and peace from overthinking, giving you more focus and exercising your self-control. That’s probably why so many celebrities back Marie Kondo’s values so wholeheartedly. A minimalist home starts with a minimalist approach to home organisation. If you’re ready to free yourself of your physical (and mental) clutter, here’s how to simplify your home organisation:

Practice in short bursts

There’s nothing more depressing than knowing that you’ve got an entire day of decluttering ahead of you, whether you enjoy cleaning or not. If you’re new to home organisation, here’s a tip: you’ll most likely find that you’ll work far more effectively in short bursts. Focus on one task at a time, and split out the process to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Find fulfillment from giving away

It’s far too easy to throw your old junk away into the nearest bin – but all that’s going to do is leave you feeling guilty and a little bit depressed. There’s no need to have your possessions pointlessly sitting on a landfill heap when they could be experiencing a new lease of life with another owner. So stop before you head for the bin, and consider family, friends, or charity instead.

Create a simple checklist

Organizing your home requires a level of… well, organization. It’s impossible to do the best job of decluttering if you keep forgetting what it is you still have left to cover, and how you plan to cover it. Creating a simple checklist will not only help you keep on track, allowing you to work more efficiently, but also give you a great feeling of satisfaction when you can tick an item off.

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See how others are doing it

Inspiration is the best source of motivation, and luckily, the internet is awash with bloggers and celebrities alike sharing their own decluttering and organisation tips for their social media followers to soak up. Everyone approaches their cleaning tasks differently, and you might find that one person’s method works really well for you too.

Take photographs of your living spaces

You’d be surprised at how different the home you spend every day in can look on a photograph. Take pictures of all of your rooms as they are, then examine them and determine what needs to go. You’ll most likely be able to spot the clutter from a mile away, and there’s less chance of your sentimental feelings getting in the way when you’re only viewing your possessions through a screen.

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