When you’re ready to update your home with a new AC system, it can feel like a big deal. Not only will you be responsible for purchasing the mini split air conditioner, you’ll need to find someone to help you install it correctly and ensure it works properly.

7 Steps to Finding the Right Mini Split AC Installer

Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to find the right Mini Split AC installer.

#1 Consider the Size of Your Rooms

It’s important to research all your needs before you hire someone to do the job of installing a mini-split AC. The number and size of rooms you intend to heat or cool is a major factor to consider when choosing a mini-split system because it will help you determine the cooling needs of each room. Mini-split systems are configured with different cooling and heating capabilities. Overestimating or underestimating the amount of cooling or heating power required is a common mistake that you can easily avoid if you consider rooms and sizing in advance.

#2 Single-Zone vs Multi-Zone Systems

Single-zone systems come with 1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor unit, and they are designed for cooling/heating a single room, while multi-zone systems are designed to cool/heat two or more rooms. Multi-zone systems usually power multiple indoor units using a single outdoor unit.

#3 Thermal Units

The cooling and heating power for all air conditioning systems is measured in thermal units (Tus) per hour. A thermal unit is defined as the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. The larger the size of the room, the greater thermal units you will need to heat it, and the more the thermal unit capacity your indoor unit will require.

#4 Sunlight

The position of the room with respect to the position of the sun is another essential factor to consider when looking to find the right mini-split AC installation. If the space or room is heavily shaded, you can reduce the required cooling thermal units by up to 10%. On the other hand, the required thermal units will increase by an equivalent factor if the space or room receives a lot of sunlight.

7 Steps to Finding the Right Mini Split AC Installer - indoor unit

#5 The Insulation in Your Home

If your home is poorly insulated or drafty, chances are likely that it will require more thermal units to heat or cool. This can increase your estimated thermal unit requirements by up to 30%.

#6 Purpose of the Room

If the room you plan to heat or cool is the kitchen, prepare to add more thermal units to your estimated total requirement. Even if you plan to install an outdoor unit, keep in mind that outdoor units also come with a thermal unit rating.

#7 Work with a Professional

Once you have estimated the heating or cooling needs for your indoor and outdoor spaces, you can have a clear picture of the right mini-split AC installer for your home. But since you lack the technical expertise to install the unit on your own, it’s best to contact a professional mini-split AC installer Grafton to help you.A professional knows how to fit a mini-split AC into the existing ductwork:In some cases, a mini-split AC has to be installed without connecting it to the ductwork. In others, it may be necessary to convert an existing ductwork to suit the installation requirements of a mini-split AC. The professional installer would be able to tell if this is necessary and would be able to convert the existing ductwork accordingly. If your home does not have ductwork, then the installer will use a combination of well-placed vents that lead fresh air in from outside and exhausted air out through roof vent