How to Make Your Air Conditioning Units Serve You Longer

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Many parts of the world are heading straight into the middle of summer weather with harsh and unbearable temperatures. And the same way we rely on heating units in the cold weather, air conditioning systems are much needed in providing cooling needs at home more than ever. As a result, your joy will be to have a HVAC system that’s efficient enough to serve you in the long run without breakdowns and replacements.

How to Make Your Air Conditioning Units Serve You Longer

But given the high comfort demands and continuous usage, it’s safe to acknowledge your air conditioner can experience a lot of strain. Besides, air conditioning problems are unavoidable and are more likely to occur if you don’t take enough care of your air conditioning unit. This article focuses on preserving your home HVAC system and how to ensure such a conditioning unit serves you longer.

1. Keep Your Unit Protected

One great mistake we all make while dealing with our systems at home is to only take care of them while in use. But while keeping your Air conditioning unit in the shade during hotter months will help, it is also a good idea to keep the system safe and wholly covered when it isn’t in use. Covering helps keep it in perfect shape, protecting all the delicate parts that may be susceptible to damage. You can use any thick cover to shield it from moisture and keep it protected from other damaging elements during the winter or spring seasons. With different types of HVAC Systems requiring different care, protecting your air conditioning system will allow it to serve you even longer when needed,

2. Learn to Replace the Filters Regularly

Filters are everything on your air conditioning unit. But they also attract all forms of dirt and mold that compromise the general functionality of your unit. Reliable HVAC contractors will agree that one of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping your air conditioner working at its peak is to keep the filters in their perfect shape. This involves cleaning them to get rid of the molds and everything else clogged inside. Failure to do this leaves the filter at the risk of freezing and eventually thawing. If your Unit uses a reusable filter, you can use a soft cloth to clean it gently. However, if you want to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently while maintaining clean air quality, you should replace the filter at least once every few months.

3. Regular Professional Check-Ups Will Help

Professional system checks are a must if you want a unit that serves consistently and efficiently. Luckily, we now have many technicians providing these check-ups on-site to give your air conditioning unit the best performance. Depending on your technician, the professional check-up services include;

  • Checking whether the fan is appropriately functioning
  • Cleaning drain lines
  • Inspecting the refrigerant level
  • Checking for leaks

You can schedule a check-up on a one-time basis or even make it part of regularly scheduled maintenance. This will ensure all components of your unit are well maintained and working at their optimal best. Check-ups are also necessary immediately after buying your HVAC unit to ascertain whether you have a well-functioning unit.

How to Make Your Air Conditioning Units Serve You Longer - indoor unit

4. Keep Your HVAC Unit Cool Even When Not in Use

Your air conditioning unit may be primarily used in cooling your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it cool as well. While it sounds strange cooling your AC unit down, the fact remains that doing so increases its efficiency in the long run. Furthermore, cooling it even when not in use allows it to last longer without constant repairs. After all, a unit with a higher performance level to keep your space cool during the summer weather is all you need. At the same time, you also need a system that won’t break down when you need it the most. So, keeping the unit where it can cool down, preferably in the shade, can be a great way to guarantee its long-standing service.

5. Pay Attention to Strange Noises and Foul Smells

There’s no denying your system will face several issues time and again. That’s why you should look out for any sign indicating a faulty operation. Among these signs, perhaps irregular noises and bad smells are the most common ones. For instance, you need to be on the lookout for stuttering noise coming from the fan. It’s often a sign of a significant problem with the moving parts. If not handled early, it could result in a total breakdown of the entire air conditioning unit. A foul smell coming from your heating system also indicates a serious problem. In most cases, it signals a potential gas leak, which in itself is dangerous for your cooling unit. To ensure nothing will get out of hand, ensure your system is checked by an expert whenever you see any of these signs.

6. Ensure the Area Surrounding Your Unit is Clean

Neglecting all the outdoor components of your system may seem like a non-issue. However, these entire surroundings play a huge role in ensuring your unit is efficient enough in its course. A poorly maintained surrounding will often have dirt and debris accumulation that can get into your air conditioning system and cause it to clatter. For that reason alone, experts recommend regularly inspecting your outdoor units to wipe off any dirt and spray the debris off. Also, it’s good to check and ensure there’s no grass clipping, leaves, and other build-ups in the surrounding area. In doing so, you can keep your outdoor unit in perfect shape and maintain its optimal performance for an extended period.

Bottom Line

Like any heating and cooling system at home, taking good care of your HVAC is crucial. It will help you cut substantial repair costs that often arise when your unit is not under proper maintenance. Overall, the above-highlighted measures will ensure that your air conditioning unit serves you longer. Be sure to give them a try and see the results.

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