Ideas to Make Small Master Bedroom Gorgeous and Relaxing

In the age of urbanization, having a big home is a luxury. Most of us have to make do with small apartment homes. But why let that stop you? Even if your master bedroom isn’t the size of a lawn, you could make it look absolutely gorgeous and relaxing. If our problem sounds familiar to you, you’ve landed in the right place.

Ideas to Make Small Master Bedroom Gorgeous and Relaxing

This post will show ten ways on how to make your small master bedroom look like it was designed to perfection. If that’s your goal too, then read on.

1. Use warm colors

First and foremost, let’s start with the easiest tip. If you look up some compact bedroom designs, you’ll notice that a warm palette is used. There’s a good reason for this. Painting your walls a dark gaudy color closes in your walls. As a result, your room looks more cluttered and tiny. Instead, go for warm tones like beige or blush. These colors bring in more light to your room and make it look spacious without putting in much effort. Similarly, go for light colored furniture like white or cream instead of brown. This will again make your bedroom look classy, cozy and sophisticated, and automatically widen the space in your bedroom.

2. Opt for big mirrors

If you have the option, include some full-length mirrors in your bedroom. This again will illuminate your room and make it look much bigger than it actually is. You can choose to place mirrors on the opposite walls. Or, you could go for a whole wall mirror. Although a bit more expensive, such a renovation will surely breathe life back into your room. If you want to go all out, you can also choose to convert your whole ceiling into a mirror. Imagine waking up to a birds-eye view of your own reflection! Feels like something straight out of a movie.

3. Include a small accent chair

Although you’d want to include the least amount of furniture in your small room, having a small beanbag or accent chair can do wonders! The idea is to only include furniture pieces that are functional. You can drop your bag on it after a long day, or simply sit and sip a cup of coffee. However, you look at it, including one in your room will make the space more comfortable and beautiful. If you enjoy reading on such home decor tips, do visit the site we’ve linked.

4. Invest in an in-build wardrobe

If you’re moving into a home of your own, then consider investing in an inbuilt wardrobe. These bad boys are a must when it comes to saving up space. Traditional wardrobes eat up a chunk of your space. But with a built-in wardrobe, you can store as many clothes as you’d like without compromising on your precious floor space.

Ideas to Make Small Master Bedroom Gorgeous and Relaxing - small bedroom

5. Use a contrast of colors

Although we told you to keep a warm neutral palette in your room, playing with contrast could also give a lovely look to your room. A slight play of colors in your room can go a long way. Consider using a contrasting curtain with your walls. Moreover, you could also choose a dark bed sheet or some other dark colors in the same palette for some much-needed diversity.

6. Use a built-In box bed to save the floor space

When you have a small bedroom, you automatically have less storage space. So it’s super important that you utilize every bit of additional space that you can use. Opt for a box bed instead of a regular one. Nowadays, most box beds come with built-in storage compartments. These are great for keeping your extra clean bedding or nightwear. Moreover, they also look great and add a touch of modern to your room. Whatever way you look at it, it’s a win-win.

7. Choose appropriate lighting effects

Lighting plays a huge role when it comes to making a room look classy. Depending on your tastes, you could go for warm cozy lighting or turn your room into a disco. The world is your pickle, my friend. But as a rule of thumb, we’d suggest you go for warm yellow lighting. This is the best option when you want your room to look stunning and cozy. But you could also choose for LED strip lights underneath your bedroom mirror or bed for a cool effect.

8. Choose all white

Just like using neutral tones, going for all white is a bold yet beautiful choice. It’ll attract a lot of natural light in your room. But here’s the catch. A white room is pretty hard to maintain. If you’re a little clumsy, then there’s always a risk of spilling drinks or food on your rug or bedding. It also shows dirt well, so you’ll have to be regular in your cleaning.

9. Opt for soft textures

Using harsh colors create distinct lines in your bedroom. As a result, this makes your room look smaller than it already is. Solution? Go for fabrics and rugs with a soft and complementing texture that blends in with each other. This will give your bedroom a relaxing and laid back feel. Also, by blurring the lines between your bedding and floor, it’ll make your room appear way bigger than it actually is.

10. Add some props

Now, having a small bedroom doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Yes, a minimalistic approach is the best here. But, adding some cute props here and there will add character to your room. How to do this? You can opt for a set of picture frames to decorate an empty wall. Or, you could add some plants to a corner of your room. Greenery also helps make your room look expansive. Didn’t like any of these ideas? Then why not add an accent rug to your room? This will also help create a soft texture and make your room look stunning.


That’s about it, folks! We hope that this post gave you some great ideas on how to make your small master bedroom gorgeous and relaxing. Don’t be afraid to experiment just because you don’t have a huge space. With these few tips in mind, even the smallest bedroom can be transformed into a beauty. Which idea did you like the best? Is there anything we missed? Do let us know in the comments. Take care!

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