Follow these tips to make your rooms look bigger

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A perfect house makes you comfortable, feels inviting, and all your belongings settle seamlessly.  But does that always mean having a bigger space to live the life of your dreams? Of course not! The charm lies in what you feel homely and comfortable every day. Space isn’t the question; if it does not offer solace after a hectic day of work, something is gravely wrong. Some people think a larger room is always better to accommodate the furniture and have a breathable space. They might be contemplating the challenges of a smaller space. But remember, as they say, there is always another side of the story.

Follow these tips to make your rooms look bigger

So, have you ever pondered about the charms of a small space? Well, the most significant appeal is that you can play your interior designing charms and make it look bigger. You have got your arsenal full to transform a cramped and restless space into lively, multifunctional, and utterly inviting. You might be surprised to know that tinkering with smaller rooms is always easier than bigger spaces. Often it only requires reorientation and deletion instead of adding new stuff. After all, you want to look opposite to what a crowded room is. Besides, you can always work on a low budget to fix your room into creating an illusion of a bigger space. The trick is to make it look spacious to the eye instead of dropping walls and combining rooms.

Simple tricks and fixes can help you achieve your goal. Interestingly enough, you will find much stuff you do not require when making room changes. Such items can always go into the storage of your house. Some houses have storage attics and basements to accommodate extra stuff. Others mostly prefer external sourcing, such as availing the storage unit facilities and renting them out. External storage is also a viable option that does not require you to buy your own space. Besides these spaces are secure and offer transport service as well to take your stuff. And they don’t require personal maintenance either. Whatever you prefer, stacking away unwanted stuff can hugely save time and space for accommodating the inevitable items. Once you have done eliminating the unwanted stuff, you can follow these tips to make your rooms look bigger.

Use light color to paint the walls

It comes as no surprise that light-colored walls make a small space look airier and broader. On the contrary dark walls make you feel they are closing up on you. Choosing light colors such as white, light grey, and ivory can create an imaginary space in your room. The scientific reason lies in the reflective powers of light color that make a room look open; thus, maximizing the natural light effect. Dark shades do the opposite; they absorb the light and limit the brightness from spreading in your room.

Light trims and molding

Another area on the walls and roof offering you some space to show your magic is trims and moldings. Try contrasting with the wall color and moldings. Wall trims and molding in light hues offer an impressing of creating additional room around the corners up in the wall.

Enhance storage options

Storage space is one of many concerns of a small area. Things lying here and there or sorted with the wrong strategy can make your room look small. There is always a prospect of opting for external storage units. But if you want your belongings closer, you can always make use of some hacks. One of them is using a storage bed. Your bedroom is where you have your maximum stuff. A bed with cabinets and drawers can make a lot of space. Additionally, they also cut on the room for dirt devils hiding under the bed. The same can go for sofas and center tables in the living room. Remember you are giving new purpose to your furniture with additional storage. These hacks always work for people who want their stuff around them but not making a mess either.

Reduce it down

One of the many reasons making your room look smaller is using out-of-proportion décor. For instance, a wall hanging close to the boundaries will make the wall look small. Always hang wall frames in a way, leaving some room on all sides. Always avoid larger pieces that take too much space on the wall. Instead, go with smaller pieces keeping some breathing around among them.

Follow these tips to make your rooms look bigger - living room

Be creative with furniture arrangement

Second comes the size of the furniture and setting. Cramped-up pieces reduce the size and roominess of your space. Having breathing space among the seats and sofas can do the opposite trick very well. Perfectly streamlined and organized furniture allows the light and air to go through and under it.

Make your walls look longer

You might be thinking, what is this sorcery of making the already constructed look longer. Right? Don’t think much, instead go back to what we said earlier about creating illusions. The secret to making your wall look longer is choosing furniture that is nearer to the floor. The extra space can make your room more expansive and open in height. You can go with placing the mattress on the floor or else go with a loft bed. Some unique loft beds also come with a lot of different storage places as well.

Use innovative lighting options

Light is one of the essential factors and everyday hacks that can make your room look bigger and spacious. If you have ample natural light coming into your room, you are already good to go. But, what if there is no or minimal natural light? Is it over for you? Of course not. In that situation, you can always choose innovative lighting fixtures and options found in the market. You can effortlessly get them online as well. Putting them in a corner will do the magic for you. Besides, there is the chance to reap the psychological benefits of light, such as improved mood, decreased stress, and better sleep.


Making a room look bigger is not as hectic as you might have thought. Most often, it requires scaling down things, rearranging stuff, and being inventive. You might need to eliminate some stuff instead of adding more. Besides, there is always a chance that you will be juggling furniture pieces and décor items among various places in the house. Additionally, some innovative furniture can save your space big time. For instance, replacing the sofa with a storage ottoman will offer the dual benefits of seating or a coffee table in one body.

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