5 Ways to Make Moving Stress-Free

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A big move is one of the most stressful things a person will have to deal with in their lifetime. Packing up your whole life and everything you own to set up in another town, state, or country is exhausting and extremely difficult. Establishing yourself in a new area with a new job and a new circle of friends can also be scary, especially for a first-time mover. There’s a lot that goes into relocating, so why not make the process of moving a bit easier?

5 Ways to Make Moving Stress-Free

With a little bit of organization, planning, and time management, your move will become a small obstacle that you’ll conquer.

Determine If You Need Movers

Are you going to be moving by yourself or hire professional movers? This choice is entirely up to you and depends on your needs. If you’re a single person living in a small apartment or home, you could handle the move by yourself and maybe a friend’s help. However, a family with children may want to hire help. For example, if you live in Durham, NC, there are many Durham NC Movers that can help you transition. Be sure to go online and check out all of your options for movers in your area.

Create a Schedule

This suggestion probably makes the most significant difference in how stressful your move can be. If you get a planner and plan all the tasks you’ll have to complete before and after moving day, you will get everything done promptly. Also, you won’t feel frazzled with only half of your home packed two days before moving day. Schedule time each day to pack at least two weeks out from moving day. Also, set up all the appointments you’ll need to ensure your affairs are in order, like changing your address, at least a month before moving. House removalists are the most qualified people in Australia for handling local removals.

Only Pack What You Need

We cannot stress this rule enough. Understandably, you want to keep a lot of your possessions, but keeping too many items adds to the number of boxes you’ll have to pack and move. Look at a move as a time to declutter and get rid of any furniture, clothes, housewares, and decor that you don’t need. It’s always best to travel light, and it could save you money on shipping and moving trucks. Also, be sure to donate instead of trashing any items you no longer want that someone else could use.

5 Ways to Make Moving Stress-Free - moving

Label Boxes by Priority

Label each box. It makes it so much easier for you to unpack. Once you pack all the items in one room, label the boxes to indicate where they belong. It keeps you from having to move boxes around the new home and create extra work for yourself. Label some boxes “open first.” These are boxes full of things you will need for the first night in your new home. Fill these with things like towels, pillows, blankets, and bathroom essentials. Everything else you can leave for unpacking the next day.

Take Your Time Unpacking

Do not try to unpack and set up your new home in one day. Unpacking should take at least a week, no matter how excited you are to decorate and finalize your space. Moving day is exhausting, so order takeout on the first night, take a load off, and get a good night’s rest.  You’ll have plenty of time to unpack in the morning.


Using these few tips will dramatically determine how stressful a move is for you. Remember that wherever you’re moving is the start of a new journey for you. You may check out this moving house checklist to help you move in with ease. Be sure to start it off right.

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