How to Make Your House Into a Senior-Friendly Home

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If you live with your parents or grandparents, you might have to make some changes to your house. Your home should be elderly-friendly to offer your aging family members a comfortable stay. The house will need a little renovation, from their bedroom to the entryway. Although it might seem like a lot of work, making your home senior-friendly can easily be done in a few simple ways.

How to Make Your House Into a Senior-Friendly Home

Here’s how you can do it.  

Entry Ways 

The process of converting your house into a senior-friendly home starts with the entryways. When the pathways are unpaved, cracked, or have stairs leading to the house, it will be hard for them to go in or outside the house. Start by installing non-slip flooring and removing any steps or stairs. No-step entries will make your house more suitable to accommodate anyone who uses a wheelchair or has trouble bending their knees.  


The ideal house for seniors is a one-level house, where they can move freely. However, if moving to a new house is not an option, finding a way to renovate your stairs is a must.  Stairs are one of the common reasons why people get injured, and you want to avoid that as much as possible. Installing a stairlift or handrails is necessary if you have a senior living with you. 

A stairlift is a great addition to your home and will eliminate the risk of injury. If you live in the UK, you can either buy a new or a pre-owned one, but first, you need to find out the cost of a stairlift in your area. The prices vary from one area and house to another, based on the height and shape of your staircase. A straight staircase usually costs less than one that has bends or corners. Many people prefer getting the lowest price when purchasing a new stairlift, but not all companies are reliable. Therefore, you must read as many reviews as possible before buying from a certain company to ensure that it will provide you with the quality you expect and reduce any risks involved. 


Not all bedrooms are ideal for seniors, especially modern furniture. When you’re creating an elderly-friendly home, consider that low beds and furniture will make it hard for elderly people to sit and get up independently. Get a high bed so their feet can barely touch the floor when they sit; this way, it will not be difficult for them to get out of bed. If the bed you have is too low, you don’t need to change it; instead, get a thick mattress. However, you must ensure that the thick mattress will not affect their back. A padded headboard will be a great addition to the bed; it will offer more comfort when they rest their head. The dresser and other drawers in the bedroom should be reachable without having to bend; this makes it easier for the family members to get all of their belongings without any help. Also, consider choosing a bedroom with a bathroom or one nearby. Avoid bedrooms that are far from the bathroom. 

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If your parents or grandparents love to cook, they will probably be using the kitchen a lot; so you’ll need to create a seniors-friendly kitchen where they don’t need to bend or crouch. Appliances that can easily be used with a single touch will be a great addition to your kitchen. Consider getting an oven that opens from the side or place it somewhere where they can use it while they’re standing. If it’s impossible to do a total makeover to suit your parents’ needs, place everything they frequently use on an easy access shelf. 


Non-slip flooring in the bathroom is a must. Many accidents happen in the bathroom because of slippery floors around the shower areas. Add a grab-bar inside the shower or tub to make it easier for them to stand and install a hand-held shower head. It’s also preferable to add a bench or a fold-down seat with padded seating and backs inside the tub for more comfort. A great way to improve your parents’ or grandparents’ mental and physical well-being is by allowing them to participate in daily chores on their own. Creating a senior-friendly home will enable them to carry out their daily activities independently without any risk of injury. However, the changes you make will be rendered useless if your house is not well lit. The bedroom, kitchen, and stairs must be properly illuminated so they can move freely and safely at any time of the day. Consult a company specialized in renovating homes for seniors if you’re not sure whether your house is safe enough for them. 

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