How To Make A Hidden Gun Safe In The Wall

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All your firearms must be hidden away from intruders and children. It would help if you thought of having a secure location that isn’t visible at all times as a storage place for your gun. Maybe it is time to start thinking about making a recessed/in wall gun safe somewhere near your vault door.

How To Make A Hidden Gun Safe In The Wall

Ask any gun owner, and they will tell you that purchasing a gun safe isn’t the biggest deal. They will reveal to you that, on the contrary, the greatest task lies in the concealment of the safe. The greatest thing in any gun owner’s life is to know where and how to store his firearm and his kevlar vest with the assurance that it will be easily accessible in case of an emergency. Here’s how to make a hidden gun safe in the wall.

Step 1: Decide on The Location

Whether it is in the veranda or in a bedroom, a concealed location is what you need whenever you decide to hide your gun safe in the wall. Why not consider installing it at the back of your false, electric outlets or behind a giant mirror? You only decide how to have the safe built after knowing where to build it.

Step 2: Decide on the Size and Type of Safe

Do you want a digital model or an old-school fashioned safe? Remember, you want something sturdy and strong. You may take ages to replace the safe. This explains why you must choose the best design and the most suitable size. Also, ensure that the design is secured enough to rhyme with the existing space. It mustn’t protrude.

Step 3: Drill a Hole in the Area of the Wall Where you Want it Installed

You must be keen not to interfere with any house support or beam. Also, ensure that the drilling process doesn’t interfere with plumbing and wirings in your auction house. Cut a space in the shape and size of the gun safe you acquired.

How To Make A Hidden Gun Safe In The Wall - gun safe

Step 4: Fix the Gun Safe

Fix the gun safe stably while ensuring that it is durable and easy to access. Screws could be everything you need to do a proper installation. The process could be much easier if you are building a customized safe from scratch.

Step 5: Install the Necessary Locks

Locks are a source of extra security. Install your locks or program the locks on the safe you bought, then do a little polishing to attain the desired concealment. Installing a security camera in a region pointing to the safe could help you keep everything in check. You may go the extra mile to install an alarm that will notify you if an individual decides to stretch her nosy self around.

Remember you are installing a hidden safe to conceal it from intruders-even your family members could be classified as intruders when dealing with firearms. This explains why it must be as secret as possible. It is true that you may have the best gun safe that the world can avail. However, it may fail to fulfill its purpose if it is not placed in a discreet and strategic area.

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