Do You Want to Make Your Energy Bills More Affordable in the Winter Months? Here Are the Tricks!

Texas uses more energy than other American states for cooling and heating. Generally, large homes need more electricity than compact homes because of the extra square footage. The average size of the big homes in Houston is 1,952 sq. ft. However, the size of the home cannot be the basis for concluding a home’s energy consumption rate. In many cases, it has been found that a newly built large home can run on as much energy as an older home needs. Is your Houston home large or small? Or, it’s a new or old construction. No matter what, some precautions from your end can make a difference to your home’s electricity usage and therefore in energy bills in the winter.

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It can start with finding a reliable electricity provider. Luckily, Houston offers decent options in this area. Let’s cover other factors now.


Seal the gaps that direct the warm air out and cold air in. Examining your house and all the corners will reveal areas with cold air drafts. They will lead you to the source. Generally, old window frames lose their caulks over time and cause the outside air to enter your home. You can call a Houston handyman to seal them. At the same time, they can inspect other windows and places with insulation problems to fix the matter for good.

Thermostat settings

You can buy a programmable thermostat to cut down energy consumption more. Keep the temperature lower when you are outside your home, and run it at 68–70 F when you are at home. This simple habit can reduce your heating cost by 10%. You can let it run at lower temperatures during the night to keep the ambiance soothing.

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Ceiling fans

While it can look counterintuitive, using ceiling fans in winter months can help your room stay warmer. How? Many fans can be rotated in different directions by flipping the switch to circulate airflow in a certain way. For example, if you adjust it to move clockwise, the fan will cause the warm air to travel down in the room, creating a comfortable temperature. Do you want to install a ceiling fan? Hire a local handyman service for this.

Water heater use

Water heating systems in households form 18% of utility bills. You can manage your energy cost in this area by using the heater at a lower temperature. Manufacturers keep the heating at 140 degrees F, while 120 degrees F can do the job. With this small change, you can see a 10% improvement in your energy bills in winter. You can adjust the settings yourself or get professional help depending on your circumstances.

If you go back to all the suggestions once, you will realize how easy it is to implement specific changes. Like this, figure out all the possible areas where you can cut down your daily energy consumption needs. At the same time, please keep all your heating and cooling systems in good shape so they need less power to work efficiently. If some electrical devices have become older, get rid of them. Otherwise, these will continue to waste more energy. 

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  1. Also getting smart devices around your house, and unplugging devices when you leave your house, will lower your energy bill.

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