How to make your bathroom more stylish

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We spend a lot more time in our bathrooms than we think. For many, it’s used as a beauty station, a breather from our busy days and hectic schedules, and for others, a haven to relax in. Nothing says Friday better than a nice hot bubble bath. The same way we want our bedroom space to be stylish, the same should go for our bathrooms! 

How to make your bathroom more stylish

There are many different but affordable ways for you to make your bathroom stylish. Read on to find the improvement that works best for you or find more out on style and light ideas on

1. Add New Flooring

Has your bathroom seen better days? A good way to vamp up your bathroom for an affordable price is to peel and stick on new tiles. Removable ones are perfect, especially for renters. They are easy to lift off using the heat from a hairdryer – simple for any DIYers.

2. Update Your Toilet Handle

For those of you who have a bathroom with an old toilet, updating your toilet handle can make it look good as new! A good trick for those of you who have chrome handles on your toilets is to add some paint. After a couple of coats of paint, your problem can be solved. The finishing touches can help make your toilet seat look from old to expensive.

3. Add Plants!

Nothing brightens up a room like the addition of some fun plants. Plants don’t only just add beauty to a room, but they add a colour and freshness that can lift the spirit of any dull room. Instant style!

How to make your bathroom more stylish - plants

Plants that are most suitable to a bathroom interior are usually ones that love humidity and warmth. There are plenty that are low-maintenance, for example: spider plants, mother-in-law’s tongue, aspidistras, and cacti.

4. Switch Your Linens 

Many people keep a similar set of linen towels hanging in their bathroom. The addition of a new set of towels has the ability to jumpstart a new style for your bathroom. Nice spring colour options always work, or maybe sticking to neutral tones with bright whites could work in adding a modern look to your bathroom. If you are hoping to keep things under a budget, opt for a fresh set of hand towels that complement the existing linens in your bathroom.

5. Hang up Some Art

Adding some light artwork to your bathroom walls not only makes it more stylish, but can help it feel more like a living space. Affordable frames, mirrors or prints add more humility to the room and can it help it feel like more of a new space.

6. Add backslash or wallpaper accents

Depending on the size of your bathroom, installing new backsplashes or wallpaper accents are a great method of adding a new style to your bathroom. If you need inspiration, Pinterest offer great ideas – from full-blown floor to ceiling tile spas to smaller, vanity-style backsplashes. There’s something for everyone.

7. Install Dimmer Lights

Give your bathroom a spa-like feel with dimmer lights to soften the feel of the room. Dimmer lights could decorate the wall, along the bottom of your mirror or even by the bath. Anywhere you think would be best to spruce it up to give it that extra bit of style.

8. Create calm with candles

There is nothing like harsh lighting that has the potential to ruin a relaxing bathroom experience. Create a soothing and inviting ambience to your bathroom through the addition of candlelight. A set of lanterns placed on the floor will add a sleek, stylish look. 

How to make your bathroom more stylish - candles

Or, if you want to add column candles to the ledge of your bath, it will cast pools of light to your tub. If you want to go for the safer option, realistic LED-style candles are available.

9. Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you usually play it safe with other rooms in your home, the bathroom is the place where you can afford to be bold and try something new. Whether that means installing pattern floor tiles, putting up some sort of vibrant wallpaper, or simply adding in a few more ‘unusual’ accessories – all of these improvements will add style to your space, setting it apart from the rest of the house. We hope that some of these tips and tricks have helped. The age old phrase: “Less is more” reigns truthful. You don’t need a stellar budget to add style to your bathroom. A few stylized improvements can really help you achieve a new modern look for an affordable price!

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