When your heating, ventilation, and air condition system is out of wack you will feel it immediately. The excessive sweating or below-freezing temperatures will have you then scrambling to figure out what is wrong. Do not wait for things to take a turn for the worst before you give your system some attention. A little love consistently along the way will have you enjoying a smoothly running HVAC system for a long time.

Top Maintenance Tips To Ensure That Your HVAC System Is Working Efficiently

Try these HVAC maintenance tips to ensure you continue to get the best service on hot, humid, and cold days.

Hire A Professional

There is nothing to compare to the servicing offered by experts. For both residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services, The Duct Kings of Dallas are ready and waiting to meet your requests. Forming part of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association with over twenty-five years of experience under their belts, this team has amassed a stellar reputation. While attending to your HVAC system is within their scope, their services extend to checking and fixing dryer vents, and removing soot from your chimney pipes. If you have a mold problem, water, or even fire damage the duct kings contend that they’re able to resolve your issues, making your home cleaner, safer, and ready for every season. If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, and simply need some direction on how best to maintain your HVAC system in top functioning order, keep reading.

Clean the Filters

Running your HVAC system daily will lead to the inevitable accumulation of dust on the filters. This debris takes up space, minimizing the area for air to flow in and out. That eventually will cause your system to use up more energy in an attempt to provide you with optimal level service. Not only will you be paying more in electrical bills, but you will also be breathing in contaminated air. Every time the system is turned on, some particles of whatever dust has gathered will be blown out into the environment. The dust does not come alone either, attached are bacteria and other contaminants which are definitely dangerous to your health. 

Make it a point of duty to regularly open up the system and clean the filters. Use a damp rag to avoid the dust from disseminating all over. Once cleaned, allow the filters to dry. In as much as dust inhibits proper functioning, so does moisture. If you are unsure of what or where the filters are, call in a professional. Just like the filters, the coils get dusty too. A dirty filter will cause the heat absorption capability of the coils to be reduced. It is advised that the coils be checked expertly yearly and cleaned intermittently. 

Top Maintenance Tips To Ensure That Your HVAC System Is Working Efficiently - AC

Take Care Of The Environment

If you have an outside unit, then dust and other types of debris will more easily get into and trapped within. Ensure the grass is cut regularly up to at least two feet away from the system. Be careful when using the lawnmower as small rocks, dirt, and grass can be pelted right into the system resulting in more debris that needs to be removed. If there are overhanging trees, check for leaves and twigs often. Try your best to locate the unit in a position that does not result in direct assault every time the breeze blows or rainfalls. Be patient with the cleaning process. Forceful pulling is sure to damage the fragile parts of the system. The aim is to save money by being proactive, not spending more due to unintentional damage.

Maintain Clean Air Ducts

The jury is still out on ruling if it is indeed advisable to go in and clean the air ducts of your system. What you should do though is take precautions to avoid the soiling of the ducts. You can achieve this by doing what was previously discussed, cleaning the filters and coils. If you’re undertaking any renovation works, be sure to seal all ductworks. This will minimize any kind of debris from entering. When setting up the system, be smart about the location of the air intake. It would be wise to direct those away from all obvious sources of pollution. How you take care of your home also impacts the cleanliness of the ducts. Good upkeep of the house to include sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping of surfaces will reduce dust that can be sucked back into the system. 

Time and attention to regular cleaning of your air conditioner and hiring a reputable professional for yearly checks are the answers to the way to keep your system functioning optimally.