How to maintain wood dining table

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Now that you have recently splurged on an expensive dining table that not only accentuates the interiors of your dining room but is also highly efficient and functional, you will need to know how to take care of it. We hope you did your homework on what to look out for when purchasing a dining table; it must be strong, sturdy and expertly crafted.
How to maintain wood dining table

Without straying away from the topic any further, we are presenting you the best ways to maintain your wood dining table, according to the experts from Danetti.

How to clean

If you have a wood dining table, you shouldn’t clean it with a product that contains silicone. You can instead polish the table with Guardsman furniture polish or with carnauba wax. In order to clean glass stains from your glass table, you can use a homemade solution. All that´s required for you to do is to pour ¾ vinegar and ¼ ammonia onto the area that needs to be cleaned. You should then leave it for around an hour before washing it with water and soap.

Pay attention to the humidity levels

In order to prevent cracks and swelling in your wood dining table or any furniture in general, it is advised for you to maintain the humidity levels in your home in between 40% to 45%. Therefore, in order to maintain the humidity levels, there might be a need for you to use a dehumidifier in the summer and a humidifier when it gets cold. You should also pay close attention to the placement of your dining table. For instance, you cannot place a wood dining table in the vicinity of a heat register or a radiator.

How to polish your dining table

It is necessary for you to polish your dining table. Polishing the table not only gives it a shine, but it also provides the table with a layer of protection from the elements. When polishing a wood table, you must do so with a hard, carnauba wax and not a silicone product. You must use two lint-free cloths for this process to succeed—one of the cloths will be used in the application of wax while the other one is used to polish the table.

Get rid of the dust

If you have a wood dining table, you need to keep it away from dust. Although dust particles may seem insignificant, when it is left untouched, the particles may build up to cause a scratch on the wood´s finish. When dusting the table, we would advise you to use a lint-free cloth that is soft. You shouldn’t use dust polish while cleaning the table as polish features the ingredient, silicon, that can play an atrocious role in causing permanent damage to the wood.

Preventing damage

The best method to care for your wood dining table is to prevent damage. You need to wipe up liquid and food spills as soon as they occur. If you find your wood table stained with unsightly water rings from sweating glasses, rub the area with mayonnaise. Yes, plain ordinary mayonnaise will do wonders on water rings. Because the water rings are often in the wax and not the wood, the mayonnaise removes them effectively. For burn marks, if they aren’t to deep, use an extra-fine, dry steel-wool soap pad to rub gently along the grain over the burned area to remove it. Cover ugly scratches with a furniture touch-up marker or crayon in a matching wood shade or check out one of our DIY methods for removing scratches.

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