Ways to preserve and maintain wood

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In the present day, a lot of products such as boards, synthetic fibers, varnishes, furniture, and others are prepared from wood. But, like everything that can be affected by time and other factors, wood needs to be maintained and preserved for years to come. Wood preservation aims to maintain its natural state of beauty for as long as possible. With the variety of species and types of woods available, one can only ponder the number of preservation techniques available.

Ways to preserve and maintain wood

As you know, wood cabinets and trimmed works can be beautiful. However, the disadvantage is that wood can rot, warp, or even swell when not preserved or protected. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are various ways that you can maintain and preserve the wood. Some of these are:

Using Fungicide and Pesticides

There is nothing worse than pests invading your woodworks at home or in storage. Insects such as termites are known to destroy most wood structures. Wood preservatives can add fungicide and pesticide to maintain and preserve your wood. If you cannot do it yourself, you might need the service of a pest control service within your reach. If you do not yet have one, you can call Terminix pest control and learn more about using fungicides and pesticides to maintain and preserve the wood.

Apply Wood Preservatives

Wood can be maintained or preserved by adding preservatives. Wood preservation depends on effective preservative penetration and retention. Wood preservatives can be added to woods either through pressure or non-pressure methods. Pressure methods involve driving chemicals into the wood through techniques. While non-pressure methods essentially involve applying external applications like pouring, spraying and brushing.

Control Wood Environment

A crucial aspect of wood preservation is protecting it from humidity, insects, heat, and light. Creating an enabling environment or storing your woodwork in a suitable environment can help you control some factors that might cause damage to your woodwork. Though it might be possible to create a perfect wood storage environment, paying attention to light, heat, and humidity would go a long way in helping you maintain and preserve the wood. Simply ensure that you do not place your woodworks close to fireplaces, vents, or uncovered windows since heat or lights can cause damage to the wood.


You can preserve wood by cleaning them. For example, wiping dirt off your woodwork with warm water before storing them can help prevent it from being damaged. Additionally, you can use microfiber cloths in cleaning wood surfaces to remove minor scratches. When the wood is dry, paste wax can be applied as extra protection.

Oil Application

Other than industrial use, oil application is a common method of maintaining or preserving woods. Oil application reduces water absorption of the wood. This ensures the wood is kept strong after the oil soaks the wood pores. Regular application of oil reduces wood dryness. However, this largely depends on the environment and the type of oil applied. Oil is also applied to woods that you plan to paint. You can do this, especially for woods in poor or old conditions.


Polishing woodworks is another method of maintaining wood and shielding it from nature’s harm. Polishing woods cause wood surfaces to feel less frictional while giving the wood extra sheen. Wood specialists suggest that finishing can hold back minor fluids from saturating the wood’s pores.

Ways to preserve and maintain wood - waxing


Though old, waxing has been proven to help increase the beauty and life of woodworks. Application of wax solvents adds protective coatings capable of preserving woods.

Cover Woodworks

Woods can be preserved or maintained by being covered. When woodworks are covered, airlines particles like dust, marks, or scratches are kept at bay. It would help if you used soft clothes to cover your woodwork. However, ensure that airflow is improved to reduce humidity damages like mold growth or warping.

Call Professional Inspectors

You might be aware of methods to maintain or preserve your woodworks. However, professional look-over should not be disregarded. Regularly calling professionals would ensure that skilled inspectors can identify signs not easily recognizable by regular checking. In addition, requiring the assistance of professional inspection ensures that proper steps are taken to prevent your woodwork from further damage.

Apply Paints or Stains

Even with regular wood checkups, your woodworks might sustain nicks or scratches. Sometimes the damages might be excessive and can’t be treated with touch-up sticks or polishes. Painting or stain application without removing the current finish would give your woodwork a touch of breath while adding several years.

Final Words

Preserving woodworks can sometimes be time-consuming or laborious. However, proper maintenance and preservation techniques can leave your woodworks in their best state for years.

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