Tips to maintain carpets that will make them last longer

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Carpets are an essential part of our furnishing plans. Not only do they add warmth to a room’s overall look but also increase the style quotient of the whole place. Carpets are an expensive entity. Middle Eastern carpets are supposed to be the most expensive and exclusive carpets, making them difficult to afford and maintain. Use of floor and carpet scrubber can help in cleaning chores but in the long run, certain tips if consistently followed will help in extending the lifespan of the carpet.

Tips to maintain carpets that will make them last longer - carpet

The following tips will help us understand carpet hygiene and maintenance better.


To start with vacuuming, one needs to declutter since any stray or small item could get stuck inside the vacuum tube. Buttons or stray coins can easily get stuck in a vacuum cleaner pump. Such a vacuum cleaning session will surely help in removing visible dust but will not be able to completely sanitize your home


Carpets tend to get dirty quickly. Thus regular deep cleaning is suggested to avoid the accumulation of dirt, grime and stains that become stubborn and unremovable over time. Also, an old-looking, stained carpet gives rise to the urge of buying a new carpet! Thus arises the necessity of deep cleaning. Commercial cleaners with their equipment and best carpet cleaner solution can turn an old stained, deteriorating carpet around in no time. Some deep cleaning packages provided by the commercial cleaning agencies can also provide disinfecting services. 


Carpets can be made of many different types of fibres. Carpets are mainly made of wool, polyester, nylon and olefin. Knowing the type of fibre can be advantageous in two ways :

  •  The type of fibre gives us the idea of the stubbornness of a stain.
  •  Second, it helps us in deciding on the kind of cleaning method that will be safe for it. Deep cleaning an expensive carpet frequently or using heavy-duty equipment is never a good idea.

Wool carpets lose their density of fibre and sheen due to frequent deep cleaning. On the other hand, nylon as a fibre is extensively used in the manufacturing of commercial carpets. These kinds of carpets can be frequently cleaned without damaging the fibre, looking new after every cleaning session.

Tips to maintain carpets that will make them last longer


Carpets at the office or home eventually gather a lot of dirt and debris due to the use of shoes inside. Having a shoe rack outside the house or office will thus avoid the hassle caused due to shoes. Instead, using socks on the carpet area will keep it clean and debris free for a long time. Having a  “ no shoes inside “ policy guarantees less stubborn stains and lesser germs too. Stacking up shoes outside also keeps the tile and wood floors cleaner.


Many a time, some of the carpets are not used, instead are stored for future use. In the case of stores selling carpets, maintenance of unused carpets is also a matter of concern. These carpets if not stored properly can be feasted upon by pests, damaging them permanently. Safe storage of carpets means wrapping them airtight and putting some pest repellent on them in order to protect carpets from moth larvae.


Carpets can be passed on as heirlooms if maintained properly. A consistent attitude towards carpet maintenance over the years is necessary to make carpets last longer.

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