Can You Get A Luxury Mansion Feeling On A Budget?

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Thinking about ways to elevate your space, but not sure where to start? Nothing is more elevated than luxury mansion styles. Unfortunately, the look is as elevated as the price. Thankfully, you can borrower some of the style without the hefty price tag.

Can You Get A Luxury Mansion Feeling On A Budget

So even though owning a luxury mansion is out of your reach for now, you can still get that opulent mansion feeling on a limited budget with these helpful tips.

Design Tip #1: Create space wherever you can.

Luxury mansion styles are all about excess – especially when it comes to space.

How To Do It

In the living room, try to keep furniture to one side to create a large space that brings guests in with a grand welcome. The same goes for the bathroom. The more open spaces, the better. A lot of your bathroom components will be fixed, so this can be challenging. All the more reason to pay close attention to the bathroom elements you can move. In general, create space whenever possible to impress the idea of plenty upon anyone who visits!

Design Tip #2: Antiques create a timeless feeling.

Nothing says cultured like antiques, and these pieces are integral addition to any mansion’s mystique.

How To Do It

Go thrifting at second-hand stores and, of course, antique shops! The possibilities are truly endless and these pieces come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something out there for everyone’s budget. Keep in mind, this can be time-intensive, and you may not always find exactly what you want. Think in broader terms and be open-minded – you will know a winner when you see it!

Can You Get A Luxury Mansion Feeling On A Budget - living room

Design Tip #3: Monochromatic colors are a modern touch of elegance.

Many modern and ultra-modern mansions eschew the ornate look for something more simple, yet undeniably elegant. Keeping the colors simple is one way to achieve this look.

How To Do It

Keeping things monochromatic is easier said than done: Pick 1 color and go to town with different shades. White of course will be a shade naturally and can provide some relief. Shades of your primary color will be your primary element, but complementary colors can also work to accent things. Just remember to stick with your choice!

Your Turn

Getting that luxury mansion feeling without the luxury mansion takes time, effort and focus, but it can be done with these tips for the right price. So while you’re waiting for your future luxury mansion, you can still have a little bit of opulence right at home.

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  1. Amy September 11, 2019 at 4:28 am

    Having excess space is a great tip! Also I noticed all luxury homes I’ve visited are spotless clean. Taking extra time to make everything look nice and organized helps too.

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