Tired Of Losing Delivered Packages? Secure Them With These Tips

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Unfortunately, we live in an unjust world, and many people in our society are not afraid to steal. As a result, they see an opportunity when they find a package on a porch with no one nearby.

Packages in the van

Here, we’ll show you how to deal with these types of criminals in order to make it difficult for them to steal your packages in the future.

Install a Camera

Most people will be deterred from stealing your packages if you install a CCTV camera at your front entrance. Rather than hiding it, we recommend that you place it somewhere conspicuous. Because your main purpose is to keep people from taking things, your camera will operate as a deterrent; if someone sees the camera outside your house, they will be less likely to approach it. Also, if you opt to hide the camera, you will most likely face more thievery attempts, and you should know that package thieves are usually difficult to catch unless you spot your neighbor stealing from you. Also, nowadays, we are presented with a lot of cases where the delivery man is reckless towards the packages and your camera could catch them while doing it, and if he or she never delivers them but claims that they did, then you can send the video to their boss and make everything clear.

Construct a Package Box

By constructing a large “package box,” you will be assured that your packages are safely stored until you return home. There are a lot of people who can help you make it, and it’s best if you make it out of heavy metal so it can’t be easily damaged. Or you could invest in an external parcel post box and make it easy for you. Also, you should utilize a lock that can withstand lock picking rather than one of the conventional ones that are usually bad. You should also consider the box’s size; if you have large products, you should make sure it’s large enough for the delivery man to fit them in. When it comes to this, you should not be concerned about the cost because it will last you for many years, so it will pay out, especially if you order expensive packages. You should give the delivery man a key to the box, and you should tip him every once in a while. It would be great if you had a camera watching over the box.

Cameras on pole

Hire a Neighbor

Many times, packages are stolen by the people from your neighborhood. These folks usually know when you are at home and when you are not, so they can steal the package at the appropriate time. What we propose to address this problem may appear unusual at first, but it has the potential to be extremely beneficial. You should pay a neighbor to keep an eye on your packages. If you have already been the victim of this type of theft, you should contact a neighbor you trust, preferably your next-door neighbor, and inform them of the issue. It would be ideal if they agreed to do it immediately and without charge, but if you choose, you may thank them with a present or money. You should inform them when the next package is to arrive, and you should not be at your home during that time. He or she will monitor the package the whole time from their home and inform you of any suspicious behavior.


Many times, all a person needs to avoid theft on their property is to purchase a large dog that will notify the entire neighborhood of the burglar. This dog must be controlled, and it should only deter people who pose a threat to it, not bystanders. Imagine being a package thief who has to go next to a German Shepherd who may murder you in an instant. Even if they aren’t aggressive toward the thieves, simply being around poses a danger that some people can’t ignore. There are many breeds that make excellent watchdogs. Also, once you get the dog you like, you will need to get it trained. Training dogs without the necessary expertise is almost impossible, especially if the breed is known for its aggressiveness. Thus, you should take it to someone who has a license to train it and who will give you great advice on how to prepare the dog for what it needs to do.

You can’t expect people to stop stealing your shipments, so you’ll have to do your part to keep them safe. Hopefully, our suggestions may assist you in doing so.

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