Top Tips for Looking After Your Power Tools

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Are you a real DIY enthusiast if you don’t love your power tools? To help you keep them in tip-top condition, we’ve put together our top tips for looking after your power tools.

Top Tips for Looking After Your Power Tools

Let’s be honest; power tools are not the cheapest things to buy – especially when you need a different one for every separate task, it soon adds up! That’s why it’s so important to take good care of them, preventing you from having to repurchase when your favourite tool breaks or stops working.

1. Regular Maintenance is Key

It’s easy to get lazy with your cleaning. But while you may be tempted to sling your tool back in the shed when you’ve finished the job at hand, you may be playing with fire. Dust and dirt particles build up over time during use and can become a big problem before you know it. Instead of lazily chucking your tools back in the shed without further thought, you should pause and take a moment or two to wipe down the surfaces. Of course, we’re not saying you need to deep clean your tools after every use!

Instead, just a simple wipe down that could extend your tool’s life for years to come. Consistency is key here and may even prevent you from having to do any significant deep cleaning or repair tasks in the future – thereby saving you both time and money. A little trick to both fast and efficient cleaning – use compressed air! It’s great for getting in those hard to reach places and much quicker than using a cloth.

2. Sharpen & Replace Parts

Power tools, just like anything else, suffer from general wear and tear. However, it can ultimately break the device if left for too long. Therefore, try to regularly inspect your tools for signs of wear, whether that be rust and corrosion or fraying on the power cable. Power tools with blades are also at risk of blunting. Unfortunately, a blunt power tool is no good to anyone and can cause more harm than good. If you find your blades are dull, and you’re unable to sharpen them, you should visit a trustworthy supplier who sells replacement blades and parts – go now.

3. Storage

Where you decide to store your tools can hugely impact their condition and how long they will last. To keep your power tools in pristine condition, you should store them away in a clean, dry place. If you store your power tools in your shed or another outbuilding, ensure it’s not a damp environment. Seal up the windows and doors to prevent water and dirt from getting in. Moisture can lead to corrosion and can also cause electrical faults in the power tools – not ideal! As well as moisture, storing your power tools away can help protect them from dust and other debris. Try to keep them covered up; why not build yourself a bespoke power tool cabinet using those very power tools?

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4. Lubrication

Lubrication is vital to keep power tools running effectively. Keeping your devices well-oiled can prevent parts from damage due to overheating, chafing and corroding. While it doesn’t need to be done every time you use your tools, you should regularly oil them. Make sure you check the instructions from the tool’s manufacturers for particularly lubricants you should use or avoid.

5. Cool Down

Power tools can get super hot whilst they’re on; all the small parts rubbing together creates a lot of heat. Unfortunately, many DIY enthusiasts make the mistake of overworking and therefore overheating their power tools. If you feel your tool getting warmer and warmer during use, then turn it off for a while and give it a break. The same goes for storing your power tools; let the item cool down before placing it away. Follow these top tips to prolong the life of your power tools and save yourself time and money in the process!

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