Dining Table Shapes for Every Type of Home: How to Know Which One Is Most Suited for You

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The kitchen and dining area often serve as the second (if not the first) place in the home where people come together, next to the living room. In some households, it also serves as an area to entertain guests, engage in hobbies, and bond with the family. Because of the way people use them, dining tables have become one of the most crucial features in the dining area. In fact, it’s so important that you need to consider several factors before buying one.

Dining Table Shapes for Every Type of Home

Aside from the design, color, size, and material, you also need to think about its shape, as it can affect its optimal function. To help you make the right choice, you can purchase the best tables from the magasin de meuble Paris would be a great idea as you can get the different variety of luxury furniture. This article will serve as your guide in determining which dining table shape is most suited for you and your home.

First, determine how and where you’ll use it

Before anything else, you should consider where your dining table will be located and how you will use it. Will it be placed in a formal dining area for dinner parties? Or will it serve as a casual place for crafts, homework, and most of your meals? If it’s for daily use, you need something that is low maintenance but still stylish. Also, consider the amount of room around the table. Next, figure out the shape of the room. Does it have relatively equal sides like a square, or is it longer on one? Always measure the space where your table is supposed to go before shopping for one. When calculating the desired table size, don’t forget to leave enough room for the chairs and the people using them. Make sure people can comfortably get in and out of their seats, as well as walk around the table.

Top 4 Dining Table Shapes and Optimal Uses

When buying a dining set in Dubai, the table shape determines whether it functions optimally. Despite its name, dining tables serve several purposes (as mentioned above). Some shapes also work better for smaller spaces, while others look better in larger dining rooms. In short, there is such a thing as a perfect shape for a dining table. To make sure you choose the right one, below are the top four shapes available for this type of furniture and the different situations they work best in:

1. Rectangular Tables – Narrow Rooms for Entertaining Guests

Considered most popular in the dining space (mainly because most dining areas are the same shape), a rectangular table is ideal for seating over four diners. Usually, it also has space for an extra chair in case you need to seat more people. Because of its seating capacity, a rectangular table is the prime choice for hosting parties in narrow rooms. Just remember to choose tables that measure between 36 to 42 inches across to ensure that there’s enough room for table settings on both sides. Also, factor in the space needed for the chairs and people moving in and out of them.

Pro Tip: If the table is too big, you should consider swapping out chairs for long benches that can be tucked underneath the table when not in use.

2. Square Tables – Square-Shaped Rooms for Intimate Dining

Chic, contemporary square tables work best in square spaces. This shape is most suited for intimate dining areas, roof decks, verandas, and patios. However, you can have this shape of a table and still entertain a large group of guests provided that one of the following conditions are met:

  • Two square tables are placed side by side with each other.
  • An extra leaf is attached to extend the length of the table.

Square tables work best provided that they are not too big. This is because large ones make it hard to make conversation, defeating the purpose of an intimate dinner. Therefore, smaller square tables offer the advantage of intimacy, something you also can’t achieve with an uncomfortably large rectangular table.

Dining Table Shapes for Every Type of Home - shapes

3. Round Tables – Smaller, Square-Shaped Rooms for Casual Dining

If you’re looking for a versatile dining table, you should consider investing in a round one. Besides offering a more modern and casual vibe than their rectangular counterpart, round tables have curves that make them a great choice for most dining spaces.

Not only do round tables also look good in any room, but they also offer two unique perks:

  • Round tables let everyone converse with everyone else, not just the person opposite them.
  • Round tables give off a more comfortable vibe because no one needs to be the head of the table.

With that said, round tables work best for spaces and situations where everyone can communicate. It is also great for smaller gatherings with an uneven number since the seating arrangement ensures no one will feel left out. On top of that, the soft silhouette that its curves provide makes it easy on the eyes, and there are no sharp corners kids might bump their heads on. However, you should remember that circular tables should measure at least 60 inches in diameter to fit more than four people around them. Although if you go any bigger, you may be risking people feeling a bit too far away from each other to hold a conversation.

Pro Tip: Like square tables, round ones can come in expandable models to seat bigger groups.

4.     Oval Tables – Small or Narrow Rooms for Entertaining Guests

An oval dining table brings the perfect combination of benefits that rectangular and round tables can offer. Like the former, its length is suitable for big dinner parties. And, like the latter, it has soft curves and no edges, making it nicer to look at. Plus, oval tables establish a unique visual interest while occupying less space than rectangle tables. However, this also means that the surface area for table settings is limited. Oval tables are an excellent choice for smaller or narrower rooms that need to seat six or more people on special occasions.

Comfortable Dining for the Family

Dining table selection should be planned and thought through. Learn about the other factors you should consider before purchasing one.

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