Why You Should Opt for Level 2 Accredited Electricians

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Today’s technological world would not be the way it is without electricity. Electrical power has become vital, which is why you cannot overemphasize the importance of having a qualified, efficient electrician. Electrical technicians have classifications according to their accreditation. If you have a commercial building, level 2 accredited commercial electricians are your best bet if you desire short downtimes.

Why You Should Opt for Level 2 Accredited ElectriciansHere are top reasons why:

  1. The Qualification of Level 2 Accredited Electricians

Level 2 electricians have more qualifications when compared to regular electricians. Their main duties include designing, installing, and maintaining commercial building electrical systems. The level 2 accreditation allows them to carry out works on service lines between connection points and distribution systems. These electricians can also energize and install metering services and undertake work falling in the following categories:

  • Reconnection and disconnection
  • Overhead service lines
  • Energizing and metering new installations
  • Installing contestable market metering

  1. An Array of Services for Commercial Buildings

Accredited commercial electricians can work on many issues in a commercial building. During construction, they are able to diagram and plan electrical systems such as the pips and conduits needed by local electrical codes. These electrical technicians can also work with general contractors’ blueprints.

Level 2 commercial electricians will also undertake all the wiring required for your building, including electrical wiring terminated at circuit breaker panels, relays, and at switches. The electricians can also wire all the instruments that control heating units, lighting, and power in your commercial building. More importantly, they can do wiring for refrigeration and air conditioning units.
Why you should opt for level 2 accredited electricians - wiring

Using electrical ohmmeters and electrical test meters, level 2 electrical technicians can ensure wiring continuity to ascertain the safety and compatibility of all your electrical components. When you decide to install new electrical systems, the tests enable a commercial electrician to achieve optimum performance. Another benefit of the test meters is that they help technicians locate system breaks. Once a commercial electrician identifies a problem source, he/she repairs conduits and wiring as needed to reduce downtimes in your commercial enterprise.

A level 2 technician can also work with hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, knives, and sawzalls, on top of sophisticated instruments test meters, power tools, conduit benders, plus pipe threaders.

  1. Top-Notch Training

For a standard electrician to become a level 2 commercial accredited electrician, he/ she must undergo comprehensive training, which must meet the Electrician Certification Curriculum Committee standards. Any electrical certification tutelage has personal and public safety as one of the core principles

The program includes a series of tests aimed at ensuring every technician is sharp and efficient. Many of these programs also cover the core pneumatics and hydraulics principles. Trainees also learn how to best utilize magnetic motor controls, logic controllers, and many other instruments and techniques.


An accredited electrician is a professional who understands the demands of the job. In training, these specialist learn how to deal with different electrical scenarios, while everybody in and around the commercial building is safe. If you are searching for a commercial electrician, a level 2 technician is all you need.

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    It’s interesting to learn that level 2 electricians can work on service lines and distribution systems. My uncle needs to find some electricians to work on his property that involves some connection points this month. I’ll be sure to pass this along to him so he can be confident in hiring the correct electrician.