Bathroom heating options

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If you live in a home that has a hard time heating certain rooms in your house, you are not alone. In fact, this is quite a common problem especially if you live in a large home with only one furnace, or you live in an old historical home that does not offer the modern heating systems often found in newer homes. There are many ways to heat your home and a bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to warm up. We recommend a look at Keystone Bathrooms Bristol who design, supply and install bespoke bathrooms and boast a healthy industry track record.
Bathroom heating options

This article will provide some heating options to consider for your chilly bathroom.

Things to consider when choosing your bathroom heating option

When choosing which type of bathroom heater to install you have to consider the size and shape of your bathroom. While there are many options which are ideal when space is at a premium, not all bathroom heaters are suitable for use in smaller spaces without causing inconvenience. If you have a large bathroom you should consider how effective the heater will be across the entire space. For smaller bathrooms  you should look the option which takes up the least space.

You also need to consider the usage of the bathroom. For instance, a busy family bathroom, which is used daily, will require a more permanent heating solution than that of a guest bathroom in a second home, for example. If you have young children you need to judge how safe the heating solution will be when curious young ones are around. If you’re remodeling a bathroom or building a new one, style is also an important factor, so choosing a heater which matches the interior style is vital.

The costs of installing bathroom heating can vary so widely, so it’s worth considering all of them before making a final decision. Nowadays you can’t overlook energy efficiency, so that is also an important factor. Saving money on purchase and installation in the short-term could result in far higher running costs, which quickly outweigh those savings in the long-term.

A bathroom which isn’t used frequently, or where the climate is mostly temperate, can easily be kept warm with a manual heating solution. On the other hand, a busy bathroom or one in an area where the climate is more often chilly may benefit from thermostat controlled heating which can be set to come on at certain times of day and maintain temperature throughout those times.

Use a space heater

When you think of a space heater, you are likely thinking of the piece of equipment that is typically metal, large, heavy, on wheels, and plugs into the wall. That is not the most convenient type of heater to use in your bathroom. The best bathroom heater is actually one that you can install against your wall or in a window so that it looks like a seamless addition to the space. This type of heater will provide the warmth you are looking for without making your electric bill skyrocket.

Add a towel warmer to the space

Adding a towel warmer will not only help the bathroom stay warm, but it will also provide you with a comforting towel after a shower or bath. Towel warmers are often considered luxury items as they are not needed. With that being said, however, they can be purchased for a modest price which allows you to add a little bit of luxury to your home for a low cost.

Radiant floor heating

Floor heating is like a towel warmer but for your feet. This option can be a bit costly due to the special materials used to heat the floor in a way that does not burn your toes or ruin your flooring. It is best advised to install floor bathroom heating if you are going to renovate your bathroom and install a new floor as the floor will need to come up to install the heating elements in the flooring. If you are in the process of building a home, then installing a heated floor is an easier endeavor as there is less to work around.

Bathroom heating options - Radiant floor heating

Bathroom Heat Lamps

Installing heat lamps is a fast and easy way to transform your bathroom into a warm and inviting space. These fixtures are fast acting, so you won’t need to wait around on a frosty morning for your bathroom to slowly warm up.

If you’re after a long term solution for your bathroom’s heat source, these are a perfect option. Heat lamps have an impressive lifespan and, with the right bulb quality, can last for up to 5 years from installation.

While heat lamps do provide strong heat radiation, their range is fairly minimal. For this reason heat lamps should ideally be installed in a smaller bathroom space, in order to get the best performance out of them.

Install an infrared lamp in your bathroom

Infrared lamps are great bathroom heating elements as they produce warming radiation. When you stand underneath an infrared lamp, you can feel the warmth and it will likely remind you of sun rays shining down on your back. When considering the installation of an infrared lamp, keep in mind that you will need light bulbs that are at least 250 watts.

There are several ways to take a cold and frigid bathroom and turn it into a warm and welcoming space to be in. Whether you add a small space heater, install flooring elements, or add a towel warmer to the bathroom, you will be experiencing warmth in a way that you never have before.

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