Should you leave window screens during winter?

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Winter is generally a time when you can focus on staying warm, keeping drafts out of your home, and making sure there is no water ingress. It’s not a time you generally think about bugs. After all, most bugs become dormant in the winter and then reappear in the spring, ready to terrorize you again!

Should you leave window screens during winter

If you have fly screen doors and windows you’ll appreciate them in the summer months, they really do work to keep the flies and mosquitoes out of your home. But, should you leave them in place for the winter?


The short answer is no. The fly screens are not needed to keep flies, or any other bugs out. This makes it pointless keeping them in place. Of course, you could argue that keeping them in your windows reduces the risk of damaging them when you remove them and store them. However, there are a variety of reasons why you should remove the screens.

  • Insulation

If you have single-pane windows then you’re going to want to think about insulation during the colder winter months. The best way to do this is to add an extra barrier in your windows, storm windows fit on the inside of your windows and help to keep the heat inside your home. Of course, in order to fit the storm windows, you’ll need to remove the window screens.

  • Snow & Ice

If you leave your window screens in position you may find that the snow and ice get trapped between the screen and window. This can place pressure on the window screen and mean that you’ll have to replace it in the spring.

Should you leave window screens during winter - removing screens

  • Light

Take your screens off and you’ll probably be amazed by the amount of light that is allowed into your home, window screens block quite a bit of light. More light means that you’ll feel more positive during the winter months. A lack of light has been linked with depression. But it’s not just about making you feel more positive. If you have south-facing windows then you’ll actually allow more heat in. Research suggests removing the screens can raise the interior temperature by as much as 8 degrees.

  • Cleaning

Over the course of the spring and the summer, you’ll find that a lot of debris builds up around the window, especially between the screen and the glass. It can be difficult to find the opportunity to clean these during the summer months without letting bugs and flies in. Removing the screens for the winter will allow you to clean the debris out. This will help to prevent mold occurring or damp ingressing into your home.

Of course, if you’re removing your screens it is important to clean them thoroughly and store them carefully. This will help to ensure they are not damaged during the winter and ready to be used again in the spring. That means storing the screens in an area of your home where they won’t be used on a regular basis and remember to check on them occasionally.

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