Ways that laneway housing can be beneficial to your community

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Ways that laneway housing can be beneficial to your community

A laneway house, to put it simply, is a small house built on a lot and usually takes the place of a carport or garage. What is the purpose of a laneway house? Some families have them built when one of the children grows up and wants more independence, but there are also some families who build these for extra income. You can check out some of the benefits not only you but even your community can get from laneway housing.

They can address the problem of rental house shortage

Who would not want to have more people in their community? But that cannot happen unless there will be more space for houses and rental properties. But what if the community wants to keep its “village” vibe and the feeling of real community? That would mean the refusal to have high rise condominiums and the like to be constructed there? The answer is laneway housing. Many cities have already implemented this and have become successful in addressing the shortage of rental properties without sacrificing the community’s character.

It will mean more income for the owner

Building a laneway housing in their own properties can be very beneficial for the lot owner. While it is true that they will need to shell out money initially in order to get the laneway house constructed, in the long run, it will still be a sound investment when they are able to rent it out to other people. If homeowners are looking for ways they can earn more in order to pay for their house mortgage, this is the perfect solution. What’s great about renting out a laneway house is that they are earning money, but still able to enjoy privacy as the rental is not inside their house but just on the property.

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It will mean more income for the community

When you have more people in the community, it also opens the opportunity for more income for the community. That’s because there is the possibility of not only an increase in the income tax returns of the people but it could also mean that some of the new residents may want to open up their own businesses which can benefit the community as a whole.

Adding laneway houses will make the community more liveable

With laneway housing, more and more people will be encouraged to make your community their homes. That is because they are going to get a home without having to pay such an exorbitant price in the rental. It will attract more people.

It will make the community look more beautiful

Despite the small size, laneway housing can add a certain aesthetic to a community, especially when you partner with a good company who will come up with a beautiful design for your laneway house at a very affordable price. Many communities have even found that building laneway houses can actually encourage the preservation of heritage homes.

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