Creative Ways to Make Money with Rental Properties: From Co-Living to Furnished Rentals

Your key to accumulating wealth and paying for your lifestyle is understanding how to generate passive income from your rental properties. Nowadays, owners are developing smart strategies to increase their rental property profit. Real estate professionals are experts in assisting landlords in maximizing their rental income. The best method to increase your income is by providing value for your renters. But how can you add value without making your operating costs rise more quickly than your profit margins? There are real estate companies like Techvestor that can help you make more money out of your rental property investment.

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To help you maximize the potential of your short term rental properties, here are five fantastic suggestions. These suggestions can boost your income whether you’re a novice investor with one rental property or an experienced owner who manages various rental homes.

Offer Fully Furnished Apartments and Rooms for Rent

Fully furnished short term rental properties are desired by a particular market niche. One of the most popular types of furnished apartments are vacation rentals. People who plan on going on a vacation look for short term rental properties where they can stay. If your property is near a tourist spot, you can charge more for because it is already furnished and accessible. Most of the time, their length of stay only lasts a few days.

Give Additional Benefits for People on Vacation

People who are on vacation are by no means the only group interested in renting out furnished apartments. Employees who frequently travel like nurses and auditors can also be your potential customers because they frequently relocate in response to client demand. Offering “corporate apartments” is a great method to boost rental property income because you can work out a deal with one business to house all of their traveling employees. Additionally, since they tend to be more work-focused than vacationers who could be more carefree and more prone to have parties in the flat, these tenants are normally gentler on the furniture.

Create a Shared Facility if Your Property is Located in a Crowded Area

Furnished rentals are in great demand in areas where there has been significant population growth due to relocating residents. Many tenants are seeking for “crash pads” where they can settle for a few weeks to months while they look for a permanent living arrangement. For instance, Texas and Florida, are seeing an influx of new people coming from other states.

Having a shared facility in your rental property can be a great advantage for you and your renters since they are not only limited to their rented space. You can offer storage services to your guests. It will be easier for them to store their belongings, move into a furnished apartment, and then retrieve their belongings once they are ready to move in to their new permanent home, as opposed to staying in short term rental properties.

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Provide Additional Storage

As mentioned above, it is a good idea to build a storage facility for your guests, so they can have space where they can put their belongings. Below are some factors why you need additional space:

  • There is not enough space for storage. People collect as many items as they can fit in their room. They keep buying more, so they often run out of space. Renters also arrive with their seasonal clothing, bicycles, and Christmas decorations, all of which need storage space.
  • The need for storage space will never go away. Owners of real estate might profit from this widespread need by providing additional storage. You may turn unused closets, sheds, attics, crawlspaces, and common areas into usable storage space for your tenants.
  • You can add the storage fee to the rate of your rental unit to raise the monthly charge or give your tenants the choice if they want to rent the storage space separately.

Provide Supplementary Services and Amenities

Today’s landlords have figured out how to profit from their rental properties by offering additional services. Common errands and duties like laundry, housecleaning, and grocery shopping cause unexpected disruptions and occasionally go unattended. Some renters, particularly professionals in affluent neighborhoods, are content to pay someone else to take do these errands for them. By providing these services, you can raise the rental property’s income and improve resident satisfaction.

  • In apartment communities in particular, amenities present a chance to raise your rental fees.
  • To increase the value of your apartments, you can build a fitness facility, a communal garden, or a dog park on-site, depending on your capital improvement budget.
  • These extras, including additional services, raise your prospective rental income while also keeping the renters happy.
  • You may occasionally charge direct fees for these services. Consider pets as an example. Some landlords are unwilling to rent their properties to tenants who have dogs. This indicates that pet owners are prepared to pay more to include their animals in the lease.
  • The majority of states allow landlords to lawfully add a monthly pet rent fee to the base rent. Additionally, most jurisdictions permit you to collect a pet deposit in addition to the security deposit to further reduce risk if you’re concerned about possible pet damage.

Invest More in Rental Properties

Increase your real estate portfolio to maximize your rental income. You can replicate the process to your other properties once you’ve figured out how to profit from short term rentals through your first rental to raise both your net worth and monthly cash flow. The ideal source of capital for any future real estate investments is the rental revenue from your first investment. Your portfolio will increase more quickly and significantly if you reinvest your rental income, starting a positive feedback loop of expanding investments and rising returns. Understanding how to make money from rental properties will help you achieve your goals, whether you want to build a small portfolio to make enough money to support yourself or become a real estate tycoon.


Money-making opportunities exist worldwide if you know which direction you have to take, and choosing the right property is only half of the battle. From co-living to furnished rental, there are many creative ways you can do to make money from rental properties. Many investors buy rental property without having any strategy in mind. In the end, they get depressed when they don’t get the results they want. It is clear that it is challenging to find a good deal after the investment. If you follow the ways mentioned, they will help you earn a lot of money without loss.

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