5 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Exterior Looking Clean

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While renting comes with far fewer responsibilities than owning a home, it’s still important to show your landlord that you are a responsible tenant. One way to display you are interested in keeping the property in tip-top shape is by keeping the exterior tidy.

5 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Exterior Looking Clean

The following ways will help you keep the outside of your apartment looking clean.

Keep Up With Standard Maintenance

Maintaining the cleanliness of the exterior of your apartment is key. Whether the exterior of your apartment is simply a door in a shared hallway or if you have an exterior porch and yard, keeping the area clean and tidy is simple but crucial. Ensuring that your windows and doors are clean, the lawn is mowed, and the floor is free of dirt and debris is how to keep the area well-maintained.

Reduce Clutter

If the exterior of your apartment allows you to keep things outside such as bikes, shoes, seating, etc., it’s important to keep these items to a minimum. Only keep the essential exterior items outside. The more clutter you display outside makes the property appear cramped and unkept.

Add Personalized Touches

Creating personal touches to the exterior of your apartment is one way to make your space more tasteful. Items such as planters, an area for seating, or a simple welcome sign and wreath can make a big difference. These pieces of personalization allow your neighbors to see that you care about the property and are interested in making the area more inviting.

5 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Exterior Looking Clean - plants

Incorporate Greenery and Flowers

Including greenery such as small trees near your entryway or a flowerbed within your yard can be a great way to bring color into your apartment’s exterior. If you don’t have a green thumb there are plenty of faux greenery options available in home decor or improvement stores that can easily be placed in a planter or hanging flower box.

Notify Your Landlord of Needed Repairs

With wear and tear, it’s not uncommon to see repairs needed with time. While some repairs you may be able to complete yourself, larger items such as needing a new screen door or having a fence repaired require you to notify your landlord. Being a responsible tenant means that you should be notifying your landlord of any broken or poorly functioning items that are in need of a little TLC.

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