Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage

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You want everything in your garage door to be safe. You do not want your things destroyed by rodents or the safety of your kids imperiled by biting bugs.

Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage

Here are the simple tips to keep your garage pest free.

Windows and Doors

Check the windows and the door that lead to your backyard. Secure that they are closed. Check the rubber stopper at the bottom of the garage door. Is it tightly close? Is it torn with gaps showing? How about the gaskets? Mice might chew them to let themselves enter, so inspect carefully. Add more caulk to windows, so they do not open easily. Doors are a bit challenging; you may have someone to help you or call an expert. If the problem in your garage door is unmanageable, or you need a replacement, contact a licensed garage door repair company.

Look Down

Your cemented floor may be a giveaway for insects. The cracks may look small, but they can be ways for ants or spiders. You do not want cockroaches to roam around your home. You can put in garage floor coating into the cracks to stop the bugs from ruining your floors.

Look Up

Check the roof. Inspect for gaps between the roofing material and the walls. It is necessary if your garage is old or changed carport. If there are small gaps, fill in with caulk. When you notice larger gaps, they will need a patch. If you cannot do DIY, call an expert for assistance. You want to remove the crawling insects, but you also do not want to have leaks on rainy days.

Pet Food and Box Have to Go

If you think the solution to your problem is placing a cat litter box, think again. Did you know that rodents like to eat the feces of cats? If you need to keep the cat in the garage, clean it regularly. If you keep pet food in the garage, place it in pest-proof or metal boxes with lids that close tight.

Store it Right

If you want to keep your treasurable things in your garage, keep them in metal/plastic-made containers that have tight-fitting lids. Manufacturers make them store items safely.

Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage - garage

Remove Moisture

Often, most pests that come near the wet and damp areas make a good breeding ground. Prevent this by cleaning and inspecting the roof, walls, and foundation for leaks. Tidy up the spaces, sweep the floor, and utilize a fan to vent the area till you have addressed all wet issues.

Spray Bottom Baseboards

You can use a spray to remove pests in your garage. Spray the bottom of the baseboard with an insecticide so that insects come out, and they will be gone right away. But you must be mindful of using it or keeping it. If young children reach it, it will be harmful to them. So, store it properly so they will not be able to play it.

Lay traps

If insecticides are not enough to eliminate those friendly guests, laying traps on the entire garage is also a good idea. It will be able to catch any pests that enter your garage. Never neglect to check your traps often and change them periodically.

Seek Professional Advice

If you have used all the necessary things, you are mad about still having the pests in your garage. You have tried all the tips mentioned above. It is always a good idea to get the help of professionals to eliminate the bugs and pests. For the most reliable measure, you may need to ask half-year maintenance services to make the friendly bugs and rodents go away all year. It is certainly annoying to have pests inside your garage door. The tips mentioned above are the basic things you might know as a homeowner. Get professional help when things are getting out of hand.

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