How to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean and Healthy

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The kitchen is one of the most important and most visited places in a house. Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is important to keep the family safe and healthy. There are various levels of cleaning that can be done to ensure maximum cleanliness.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean and Healthy

Here are some ways to do that.

Clean up Immediately

Endeavor to do the dishes immediately after eating. Delaying until a later time has the tendency to make you lazy, especially after having a heavy meal. If you have a dishwasher, rinse the dishes then place them gently into the washer. Clean up spills immediately as well. Spills are not only unsanitary if left unattended but also can be dangerous. Although slip and fall accidents are more common in commercial kitchens, they occur in home kitchens, especially with kids running around.


Organize everything in the kitchen so it is easier to locate. If you do not have enough storage, have a local carpenter craft cabinet along the kitchen walls. It is important to separate certain items from another. For example, placing glass cups in the same storage space as pots is not advisable. They can be easily broken due to their fragility. Broken glass is a hazard to you and your family.

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Clean Appliances Regularly

The most used appliances in the kitchen are the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and oven. With frequent use comes the need to clean regularly. To get the best results, use the recommended kitchen cleaner for each appliance.

  • Dishwasher – to avoid food residue building up inside your dishwasher, clean it thoroughly every month using a reputable dishwasher degreaser such as Wellco products along with a microfibre cloth pad.
  • Refrigerator – recommended cleaning every 3 months. Clear out everything and do a deep clean. In-between each seasonal clean-up, endeavour to clean spills as soon as they occur. Also do not wait until a food item goes bad before you take it out. As soon as you detect it’s rotting, take it out to avoid spreading any infections.
  • Microwave – heating food creates splatters that stick to the inner walls of the microwave. Continuous heating makes the stains more difficult to remove. Use a microwave cleaner spray and a microfibre cloth to clean weekly.
  • Oven and stovetop – ovens and stovetops are prone to a high amount of oil spills. It is good practice to clean after cooking with an oven cleaner spray. If you do that, then you can afford to do a deep clean at the same time with the refrigerator, once every 3 months.

You can get the recommended products such as kitchen cleaners, cleaning cloths and pads, deodorisers, and ceramic scrappers at Spare2You, each for less than £10.

The key to keeping your kitchen sparkling clean, safe, and healthy is making it a fun chore. Clean up stains and spills immediately, take out rotten items, use deodorisers to keep the air fresh, and use the recommended cleaning products, not just water and a rag.

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