Innovative Solutions That Will Keep Your House Warm In Cold Weather

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Your house is your safe haven, a place to retreat to when things get a bit much out there in the world. Our home is somewhere we can go to escape the stresses of life and feel secure, safe and warm. Investing time into knowing what solutions are out there will help you massively down the line.

Innovative Solutions That Will Keep Your House Warm In Cold Weather

Sometimes things always don’t go to plan and especially in cold weather it can be incredibly difficult to keep your whole house warm. Ensuring you plan ahead of time and give yourself the best possible chance to feel comfortable in your own house during cold weather will give you some real peace of mind and potentially reduce your anxiety too.

Houses can be hard to manage, that’s just a fact of life and yes it can cause stress if you get things wrong. The advantage we have in this day and age is the advancement in technology and innovative solutions available to us to help us keep our houses warm in cold weather. Knowing what options you have in terms of solutions for the cold weather is super important. Investing the time and effort now will pay dividends down the line, so we have put together some interesting ideas for you.

So What Are Some Innovative Solutions That Will Keep My House Warm In Cold Weather?

Hallway Radiators

Even though we spend minimal time in our hallways, they are actually super important to the flow of heat in your house. The great thing about hallway radiators is they don’t need to take up too much room and you can lay them horizontal or landscape depending on the size of the hallway. Most houses have a hallway as soon as you come into the property, so setting up some high-quality hallway radiators will allow you to be greeted with warmth when you come back in from the cold outside.

Loft & Wall Insulation

This has been used for a long time now but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is super innovative, useful and really does keep your house warm in cold weather. If you think about the purpose of it, you are completely surrounded by things trying to help you stay warm when you live with loft and wall insulation. There are multiple benefits to having it installed, one of the main ones being it helps reduce your heating bill. Because more heat now stays in your house rather than leak out through uninsulated areas, your need to use your central heating may decrease and save you money in the long term.

Portable Heaters

These can be an absolute lifesaver in the colder months. Our house might not be the sort that the same levels of heat get to every room and corner of the home, so investing in some portable heaters to place around the house in the colder areas could be a great shout. The other advantages of portable heaters include being able to take them out of the house for when you are socializing or engaging in activities such as camping or fishing.

Heater Fans

Given the development of technology in the last few decades, we have seen all sorts of innovative solutions to home heating being released. Clever companies have taken the traditional fan that blasts out cold air and added a heat feature to it too. So now you can purchase a heater that will keep you cool in the summer but transforms into a heater for the colder periods of the year. Awesome, right? Big time. So have a look and see if you can pick one of these up for yourself if you think you like the sound of it.

Innovative Solutions That Will Keep Your House Warm In Cold Weather - gas

Double Glazing

Back in the day we relied on a single pane of glass on all the windows and doors to keep us warm, make sure the rain doesn’t get in and the wind stays outside. Then came along the invention of double glazing and there was almost a stampede of people who chose to add this to their houses. Double glazing has many benefits including keeping you warmer during the colder times of the year. Given the fact it has two panes of glass plus a space in the middle, it increases the amount of space between you and the outside. Double glazing is renowned for its ability to save you money. Much the same concept as the loft and wall insulation, it keeps the warm air in and reduces the need to switch on the central heating or radiators as much.

Gas Fires

People have used fire to keep warm since the dawn of time and many of us probably still have an actual fire in our house, although they are gradually being phased out by gas fires and it’s not hard to see why. Gas fires can be switched on in seconds, are installed where your old fire was and have minimal sounds and no real smell. There are actually quite a lot of negatives to the old school fires. Having to constantly have chopped wood ready, plus the other pieces of equipment to keep it tidy and move pieces of burnt wood around. Smoke from a real fire gets all into your clothes as well, unlike a gas fire that provides a high level of heat and warmth but does not omit a smell that will go all through the house or mean you need to wash your clothes after sitting by it.

So now you might be a little better equipped with some information about innovative solutions to keep warm in cold weather when you’re at home. Your house should reflect you as a person, and making the time to kit it out properly will make you feel better and give those you live with a better quality of life at home too. If you have children or are living with elderly people, it’s more important than ever to ensure they are warm and comfortable in their own house.

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