Handy Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Home Free From Covid-19

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As Covid-19 is still widespread around the world, this is the best time to make sure cleanliness is maintained inside your home to protect you and reduce the risk of being infected. Earlier during the onset of the novel coronavirus, several research studies came out saying that it is being transmitted rapidly through droplets of body fluid like saliva that floats in the air when a person coughs or sneezes. There is a possibility that when a surface is contaminated with these droplets, there is a higher chance of getting infected with the virus. In response to the rapid growth, several countries were on lockdown and the World Health Organization has advised everyone to maintain proper hygiene and clean surroundings.

Handy Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Home Free From Covid-19

As you read on, you will learn some cleaning tips at home to help your whole household safe from the virus. These are simple ways that you can start so without worrying about spending too much. Cleaning refers to the removal of contaminants from a surface. It is getting rid of germs and dirt on a surface while Disinfecting is killing the germs by using a chemical solution to clean a surface.

What Cleaning Tools to Prepare

Before anything else, prepare all cleaning materials needed. You will need:

  • Some protective gears for your hands, a pair of latex or dishwashing gloves
  • A clean facemask to help filter out the dust and prevent you from inhaling them
  • A clear safety goggles. You will need this when handling a strong disinfectant solution.
  • You can use a disposable apron to protect you from dirt and cleaning chemicals splash.
  • A registered disinfectant. When buying cleaning solutions check the label if these are approved or registered by environmental protection and health agencies.
  • Water, detergent, trash bags, and cloth rags.

How to Clean Hard and Non-Porous Surfaces

  • For dirty surfaces, use detergent or soap before disinfecting it
  • Use only approved and registered detergent. Follow instructions on the label and be sure to wear the appropriate skin and eye protection for possible splash hazards
  • For disinfecting, use a diluted bleach solution and apply it across the surface. This will be effective for 24 hours.
  • It is suggested to use disposable gloves when cleaning and make sure that these should be discarded properly after use.
  • When disinfecting the floor, use diluted bleach also but rinse off with water, especially in the kitchen area, to avoid having the smell of bleach in the area.
  • If you use a mop head for floor tiles, clean it well with water and soap and let it dry.

Handy Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Home Free From Covid-19 - cleaning

How to Clean Soft and Porous Surfaces

  • Carpets, drapes, or curtains are soft porous surfaces at home that also need cleaning.
  • To clean these porous surfaces having them laundered will be the best way to keep them free from dirt. Use warm water to rinse and dry them thoroughly.
  • Use a vacuum to remove dust and prevent it from being scattered to the air.
  • After washing, allow it to dry completely.

How to Clean Home Appliances

  • For electronic equipment, it will be best to read the care instruction manual to know which cleaning solution can be used. If you are not sure, the safest way to clean them is to wipe off dust with a dry and clean rag.
  • If wiping with a damp cloth, dry it immediately using a clean and moist-free cloth.
  • Always wash the rag every after use. Let it dry completely before you keep them back in your cleaning kit.

These are cleaning tips you can do daily to make your home free from Covid-19. Making this a routine can prevent any infections or spread of the virus. If you have not done general cleaning of your home yet ever since a quarantine was implemented, it is not yet too late, you can clean and disinfect your house. Some businesses offer cleaning services, if you think your home is too big to clean by yourself, they can be your helpers. In London, these domestic cleaners in Nottingham, for instance, is offering home cleaning services. Such services can make your cleaning chores save you time, especially if you do not have time to do it.

Keeping your home clean is not a bad thing, of course, because it will save you from getting any sickness but always remember that you need to test yourself regularly. Remember those surfaces at home can get contaminated, and anyone who touches them can get infected. Keeping your home sanitized makes everyone free from the virus. Always wash your hands, too, when you finish cleaning. Prevention is always better.

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