How to Keep Your Generator Ready for Anything

Power outages are common in disaster-prone areas, and they can be frustrating if they occur for extended periods when you do not have a backup source of energy. To avoid the inconvenience that can be caused by power outages in your home or workplace, it is essential to get a portable or standby generator. You can also get the right generator for camping purposes.

How to Keep Your Generator Ready for Anything

No matter what purpose you use your generator for; it should always be ready so that you can easily run it to power your gadgets. Read on to learn how to keep your generator ready for anything.

Keep Your Generator Well Serviced

To maintain the reliability of your generator, you need to regularly change the oil as instructed by the manufacturer. Some generators require full service after 100 hours of use. It is also important to change the filters and plugs to ensure that the engine is running more efficiently. Again, you need to read the instructions by the manufacturer so that you can extend the lifespan of your generator.

Find The Right Size Generator

The most important thing to consider is finding the right generator that suits your needs. The expert technicians at explain that there are hundreds of generators available on the market and these are designed to suit the needs of different people. Your intended usage can help you choose the right generator that suits your needs. It is important to get a generator with the right wattage that can power your gadgets without any issues. To ensure that your portable generator for home use is ready to be used, you should calculate the wattage of all the electrical gadgets that you want to connect. You then choose a slightly bigger generator to avoid problems of overloading that can affect its performance.

Choose The Right Place For Your Standby Generator

You need to find the best place for your standby generator so that it can start easily at any time when there is a blackout. The advantage of constructing a suitable place for a backup generator is that it will not be disturbed by movements that can affect how it functions. You should also make sure that your generator is placed in a flat, well-ventilated area that is free from the reach of children or pets. You can also service your generator from the same position which helps to extend its lifespan. It is also important to ensure that you run your portable RV generator from an open space, not inside your van or any enclosed space.

How to Keep Your Generator Ready for Anything - portable generator

Install An Automatic Transfer Switch

Installing an automatic transfer switch on your domestic standby generator helps to ensure that it is ready for anything. You can integrate your generator into the power supply from the main grid at your home and it automatically starts if there is a power outage. When electricity is restored, the switch also facilitates a smooth transfer of power to prevent surges that can damage your gadgets.

Keep The Battery Charged

Some portable generators come with batteries that are used for starting purposes. If your generator has a battery, it is essential to ensure that it is fully charged so that it is ready when you want to use it. When you are not using your generator, it is always good to start it at least once every 30 days to ensure that you keep all the components lubricated and the battery charged. You should also double-check, even if the generator does not show warning signs of errors when you run the generator. If you keep your generator in good condition, it will be ready to kick off in case of an outage.

Hire Generator Technician For Maintenance

For a more detailed inspection of your standby generator, it is important to hire a technician once every six to 12 months. Other manufacturers of generators offer this service to their customers to ensure that their gadgets are always in good working condition. You should make sure that the technician is qualified to perform maintenance of your generator.

A generator plays a very important role, especially in areas that are prone to natural disasters like floods and thunderstorms that can cause power outages. A blackout can be frustrating since it leaves you in the dark and without power to use for your appliances. When camping, a generator is also crucial since it provides you with energy. However, you need to keep your generator well serviced so that it is ready for anything in case of a power outage. A transfer switch is the best option if you have a standby generator since it is convenient. It is also important to check that the generator has fresh oil, lubricants, and functioning plugs.

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