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You do not want the hassle of bringing down your entire chimney and having another one built, which might mean sleeping and staying in a house with ongoing construction. Rather than having to experience such inconveniences, you must ensure that your chimney is in good shape regularly.

cleaning the chimney from the roof

Below are tips to ensure that your chimney is in excellent and durable condition.

Treat your chimney regularly with water repellent

Applying water repellent on your chimney is more like seeing your bricks. Water repellent is essential in preventing mold growth on the chimney flue, which is likely to cause chimney blockage. Professionals recommend pressure washing your chimney before applying the water-repellent treatment to remove dust and other ingrown materials like mold. The repellent helps to prevent dirt and water from soaking into the chimney’s bricks. Before purchasing a water repellent, ensure it is designed to fit the design of your chimney.

Get regular check-ups on your chimney

Most homeowners assume carrying out a professional chimney check-up isn’t important as the chimney is not an essential home feature. A complete check-up is vital in identifying cracks or the building up of molds. The check-up will help determine if your chimney requires a makeover or repair. For a chimney assessment, you can call a chimney repair company like prime chimney repair to assess and repair the chimney. A well-conducted check-up will ensure that future damages are prevented early.

chimney cleaning

Get the chimney cracks sealed early

Cracks are visible, and you can even see minor cracks appearing. The earlier you notice a crack, the sooner you should call in a chimney repair company. Please do not assume minuscule cracks can be ignored as they can worsen over time. They will continue to widen allowing water to penetrate inside the chimney, which might later lead to water damage within the house. No matter the size of the crack, get it sealed as early as possible to void further damage.

Ensure no debris gets in the chimney flue

Debris in the flue causes blockage and prevents the smoke from getting out of the house. Debris usually comes in through the chimney’s crown, especially if broken. Hence to ensure that no debris accumulates in the chimney, you must ensure that the chimney crown is not damaged or cracked. You could purchase a fitting cap to cover the top to prevent unnecessary things from falling inside the chimney and causing a myriad of problems.

Seal off the chimney bricks

Chimney bricks are usually subjected to hot and cold temperatures, which in turn cause the bricks to expand and contract, majorly causing cracks. To seal the bricks, buy a brick sealant specifically made for a chimney and spray it on the vent after power washing it.

Would you rather have an early repair at a lower cost or wait till further damage is done on the chimney and pay more? Having a safe and clean chimney is also ensuring your house is comfortable to live in.

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