Top 3 Jobs to Get Done When Selling Your Home

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There is plenty to get organized when selling a property. You will likely need a real estate attorney to assist with closing, a removal company to take your belongings, and perhaps a staging company to present your home. But, before you need to be concerned with closing and moving on to your new abode, some other jobs need attending to. When you sell your home, three overall tasks should be carried out to make sure your home is sold swiftly, and for the highest price.

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Here is a brief outline of the three jobs you should take on before selling your home.

Find a realtor that works for you

UpNest puts Keller Williams Realty at the top of the list of the biggest realtor firms in the states currently. This brokerage has nearly 165,000 agents across the nation today. The World Property Journal reports that just 20 realtor brokerage firms account for more than 50% of the total house sales in the US. These realtors have huge resources and a mass of experience in selling homes, but is bigger necessarily better? A local independent realtor may be able to provide more time for you, have better local connections, and provide customer service with a more personalized feel. Before choosing a realtor, it is worth gauging how they will approach your house sale. Do they seem engaged or distracted? Are they willing to explain the selling process, or are they rushed? In short, do they have the time and motivation to get you the best price and the quickest sale?

Carry out necessary repairs and renovations

Repairs and renovations can be costly, but they are often necessary to sell a home. If you don’t want to make repairs and your home is in a state of distress, a home investor may be an option. The FAQs on show that homes can be bought for cash without the need for costly repairs or other work. However, renovations can increase the value of a home, and reduce the time it takes to receive an offer.

Kitchens are one of the most common areas to renovate before a house sale. Carrying out a minor remodeling can see an ROI of up to 71%. Yet, the larger and more upscale the remodel, the lower the ROI is likely to be. Cost vs value needs to be weighed carefully here. Gardens are a good area to focus on too. Woodworking Network points out that adding decking can give a 65% ROI. And well-kept gardens help to enhance curb appeal also.

Repairs are often vital before selling a home. Anything wrong is likely to either be spotted by potential buyers or in an inspection. Cracked garage windows, stained carpets, and other small problems will be seen by the buyers. Anything more serious will come to the attention of the house inspector later on. Getting on top of repairs early on will make your life easier later on and mean being one step closer to completion.

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Clean and make ready for viewings

Once you have your realtor in place, and any repair work carried out, it is time to make the home fully presentable. This means everything from moving the lawn to weeding to cleaning the carpets to decluttering. Cleaning is vital for a quick house sale. It has been estimated that only around 10% of existing homes that go to market are as clean as they should be for viewings. Many real estate agents will recommend professional cleaning firms to tackle this concern.

Areas worth looking at are the carpets, windows, blinds and curtains, kitchens, and bathrooms. Stains and scuffs should be removed, and odors banished. Fortunately, there are many tips for keeping a house fresh and clean. Removing bulky items such as unneeded furniture can help to add value to a home. Decluttered homes sell for higher amounts than those that aren’t. The thinking being is that a decluttered house looks bigger, and therefore appears to hold more value. Preferably, remove any furniture or decor that isn’t needed off the premises. Filling up your basement, attic, or garage with junk will negate all the decluttering you are doing in the rest of the home.


There are many mistakes to avoid when selling a home. But, if you get these three tasks completed you should be on the right path for a faster, more profitable sale. Picking the best realtor for your needs is a critical part of beginning to sell your home. Choose the wrong one and you may end up with a drawn-out marketing period. Select the right one, however, and you may have offers in no time. Renovations aren’t always necessary, and the ROI should always be considered before investing large amounts of cash. However, repairs are often essential to help a sale along, and shouldn’t be ignored. Lastly, declutter, clean, and present your home in its best light. Hopefully, after this, you will receive the offer you want and you will be heading towards completion and a new home.

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