Expert Tips for Increasing Natural Light in Your Home   

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Natural light can increase the value of your property because statistics show that this is one of the primary features that home buyers look for in a home. Aside from this, maximizing the use of natural light can also result in lucrative savings in terms of your energy costs.

Expert Tips for Increasing Natural Light in Your Home   

Because of these factors, perhaps this is the best time for you to think about increasing the natural light in your home through some of the ways listed below.

Switch to Larger Windows

One of the primary ways to increase the natural light in your home is by switching to larger windows. Go for windows with a minimal framework and more exposed glass. In this case, you can get in touch with the experts to have a new home window installation or treatment. Alongside this, make sure to use curtains with a lighter shade and instead of dense draperies, select sheer ones in a single panel that you will be able to pull back effortlessly when you want to enjoy your outside view and let the natural light in. Another popular window treatment is the use of blinds that allow you to control the amount of light that you want to let in. Just exert the extra effort to wash your windows regularly, and when you do, make sure you do it thoroughly because this will pave the way for maximum sunlight in.

Repaint Using Lighter Hues

Another way to bring in the natural light into your home is by choosing the right color palette. Dark hues tend to absorb light while light shades tend to reflect it. For this reason, it is a better option to splash your interiors with neutral shades such as white, light gray, or light tan. While painting your walls may already increase the brightness in your room, using the same light hue in your ceiling can even make your room appear larger or taller. On the outside, you can also repaint your eaves or your home’s overhangs with white which contributes to a bright interior, without having a significant effect on your curb appeal. While painting your floors may not be a good option, going for wood, ceramic, or stone floors with a polish finished can further increase the natural light in your home because of its reflective finish. In this case, you can also consider this option.

Bring in Mirrors and Glass

There is also the option for you to bring in more mirrors and glass in your interiors because their shiny surface tends to reflect light into the room. In this case, you can look into adding decorative wall mirrors, furniture with glass accents, metallic light fixtures, silver photo frames, and other decors with reflective surfaces. There is also the option for you to replace some of your dividers or wall space with glass blocks. Rest assured that you can choose from a wide variety of unique textures and designs to match the architectural style of your interiors. Alongside this, you can also try to install reflective backsplash tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. They also do a perfect job in reflecting light, making your room appear bigger and brighter.

Expert Tips for Increasing Natural Light in Your Home - living room

Install Skylights

A skylight in your family room or bathroom is another great way to increase the natural light in your home. These skylights come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the best one that complements your space. However, this entails the need for you to cut a hole in your roof and make sure that the skylight is properly installed to ensure that there will be no leakage.

Invest in Solar Tubes

If the structure of your home cannot accommodate a skylight, then a solar tube can just do the trick in terms of letting natural light in. These solar tubes don’t require a major remodeling venture because the reflective pipes can deliver light even with a 30-feet distance from your roof to your ceiling. The best news is that the smallest solar tube is capable of illuminating up to three 100-Watt light bulbs. This will cut down your energy costs.

To wrap things up, the tips listed above to increase the natural light in your home are only some of the ways that you can explore. It will help if you consider this factor in every remodeling or upgrade that you perform in your interiors for you to be able to maintain the amount of natural light that you let in. Just keep in mind that apart from the aesthetic appeal that it brings, your comfort should take top priority.

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