Top Reasons You Should Invest In Retractable Awnings

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An awning is a great addition to any home. In effect, it is a piece of material that sticks out from the side of your home and offers protection from the sun, or even the rain. In the middle of a hot summer, you will be grateful for the shade this offers, it can make the heat bearable. But, when you decide to fit an awning you will find that there are two main types, fixed and retractable.

Top Reasons You Should Invest In Retractable Awnings

If the place you are visiting doesn’t offer retractable awnings you need to find a better awnings specialist.

What’s The Difference?

The main difference between these two types of awning is that one is fixed into position, the other isn’t. A retractable awning does exactly what it says, it retracts. In most cases, this means the material winds around a roller. It does this either via a handle that needs to be turned manually, or a button that powers an electric motor.  Obviously, the electric version is more expensive and easier to use. But, both types are worth considering as a retractable awning is a good investment.

Increases Useable Space

Any type of awning can increase the amount of useable space you have at your home. It may sound strange but when you add an awning you will be able to enjoy your yard more often than you usually would. It creates a safe space, protected from the sun and the rain, allowing you to use it and make your home feel bigger.

Reduces Energy Bills

It may surprise you to learn that an awning can reduce your energy bills. Most Australian houses have air conditioning to reduce the temperature of the air inside your home. This air is heated up by the sun’s rays. By blocking these rays the air will stay cooler, there will be less need for your air conditioner, and you’ll save money. Naturally, a retractable awning is better than a fixed one as it can be retracted to allow the heat in during the winter months, helping to keep your house warmer.

Top Reasons You Should Invest In Retractable Awnings - awning

Weather Resistant

Awnings are made to withstand the wind and rain. However, during the winter months, it can get pretty rough. This means that an awning fixed on the wall is at risk of being damaged, potentially even being pulled off the wall. However, a retractable awning is simply wound in, eliminating the risk as it is too small to be targeted by the weather. This protects your wall and stops you from having to take the awning down during the winter months.

In short, because it is retractable it can stay in place. This means it can be used at any time which is beneficial as you never know when it will be useful. Most awnings will last for many years and need very little maintenance. In other words, it will make your home life more pleasurable and could be one of the best investments you ever make.

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