5 Stunning Interior Design Ideas Inspired By Mother Nature

Do you want to bring the outside in with your interior design this year? Many people are inspired by the beauty of nature and want to incorporate it into the design of their homes. However, it can be a bit of a challenge to do this while also enhancing the beauty of your home.

interior design ideas inspired by mother nature for the living room

So, here are some interior design ideas to help you bring mother nature into your home!


Think of a classy home as you enter it, and what do you see? More than likely, it is a stone floor. There is a style for every home with a range of stone floor options to choose from, based around marble, limestone and granite. So, if you want to have a look at the colour schemes of each of these, be sure to look at the natural stone range at mystonefloor.com for inspiration.


An obvious contender for design ideas relating to nature is wood. It is a versatile material that is sturdy and can come in a range of colours to match every interior design idea. In the kitchen, it can be on the surfaces and countertops. In the living room, it can be the table and the chairs. In the bathroom, you can have wooden accessories all over if that is your taste. Wooden flooring is also an excellent interior design feature to consider.

mother nature inspired round room with wooden ceiling


This can be tricky to get right, as most people think water features are only suitable for the outside. Of course, you can get smaller water features indoors, but these can be a bit loud due to the motors. Instead, why not go for a decorative feature that doubles up as a water feature, such as a fish tank with a waterfall filter? This will also allow you to explore the natural habitats that the fish in these tanks have, which, once again, pulls the theme back to mother nature.


Who doesn’t love flowers and plants in their home? Most people who are looking to add a touch of nature to any room will automatically think of the colour green. As such, this will lead them to choose plants, indoor trees and flowers. This a great idea as it is affordable and, of course, it cleans the air in the room. Interestingly, there is another option too. The idea of having botanical prints on the wall or even as part of the wallpaper can add that touch of green that you may be looking for. Or, why not go to the next step up, and opt for green themes in your home? Having green items in your home will certainly brighten the place up!

Natural Textures

This follows quite nicely from the idea of textured, botanical wallpaper and wooden surfaces in the home. Of course, it doesn’t have to be limited to plants and wood. There are many natural textures that can be incorporated into a home’s decor, such as a canvas made from snakeskin or even an art print that is 3D based on a spider’s web. They are very pretty! Wood, stone, and plants will always have a part in the natural textures of decor, but why limit it to these?

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