5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Steel Staircase

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A steel staircase is manufactured from galvanized steel, which is coated with zinc to protect against corrosion. Steel staircases come in a myriad of styles including standard straight, custom straight, loft and even outdoor stairs. They are very common in commercial buildings and other high-traffic environments.

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Steel Staircase

If you are thinking of installing a steel staircase, there are a few things you should consider first.

Forest to Factory

While some industrial facilities, such as mills, construct staircases out of wood, the vast majority of stairs are made using steel components. Inserts can be made from steel bar stock or from preformed shapes that are welded into the structure of the stairs. You may also find that steel staircases use alternating treads in order to facilitate easier movement in areas with limited space. There are no specific regulatory guidelines regarding the manufacturing of staircases beyond building codes.

Design Considerations 

When aiming to make sure your new staircase fits in with the rest of your home, it’s important not to overlook the details. The overall look and feel should be considered right from the start and, as with any interior design project, it’s crucial to consider the needs of the user. Depending on the layout of your home, aspects such as ease of access for different users, purpose, intended functionality, and aesthetics all need to be taken into account.


The price of building a steel staircase will vary greatly depending on the scale of the project. You should also factor in issues such as timescales, building codes, location, and size when estimating the cost. It’s best to have a precise estimate for the project to ensure it is cost effective. Having a budget also helps since you can compare different estimates from the contractors your plan to hire.

Building Codes

Before you come up with the design of the staircase, you need to conduct research on the regulations and building codes that dictate how or where staircases can be installed. For instance, some states have set a maximum rise and going for all private staircases. Try to do ample research on the existing regulations to make sure your steel staircase adheres to the existing codes.

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Steel Staircase - staircase


You should keep in mind safety and lighting when thinking of the location of the staircase. The exit of the staircase should lead on to, or be close to, a door for fire safety reasons. Additionally, a poorly lit staircase can lose its beauty, a common problem with staircases because they are often centrally located and away from the building’s main windows.


Ordinarily, the size of the staircase will also be determined by the location it is going to be installed. A grand staircase will have a small rise and a larger tread. But this approach in design is not always practical to have in most properties. That’s why its always necessary for small buildings to have a steeper gradient.

Address Safety Aspects

You must also consider the safety aspects of the staircase you plan to install. Decide on the balustrades and railings that protect people from falling. Aside from making sure these safety features are present and working as they should, ensure that they are appealing to the eye. There are numerous great and awesome steel staircase designs and models to enhance the look of your property. But if you want to install a Steel Staircase in Asheville NC, you should contact the best staircase manufacturers to assist you in making the right decision.

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