Benefits Of Installing Clear Burglar Bars

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Dangers and hazards surround almost every home. Whether you live in a posh and gated community or in a crowded residential area, you’re not exempt from any possible harm that may come around your home. With this came the clamor for more security measures to be installed around houses, one of which is clear burglar bars. This refers to the bars that are placed on glass windows to prevent thieves from breaking through the glass and coming into your home.

Benefits Of Installing Clear Burglar Bars

Many years back, burglar bars were limited to the common black ones, and this fact alone has turned off some homeowners from getting one. It does affect the home’s aesthetic. With a more innovative design, clear or transparent burglar bars look better on homes, thus inviting more homeowners to have one installed. That said, here are some of the benefits of installing clear burglar bars:

It Deters Thieves

This first point is as evident as it can get. The most obvious benefit that you can gain from burglar bars has to do with safety. Yes, clear burglar bars deter thieves from coming into your home. Because your glass windows have this element of protection, robbers will have a harder time trying to get into your house. If you notice these thieves from the inside, you have the time to call the police right away. If you have neighbors around, they also have higher chances of seeing these thieves, merely because they’re having a hard time getting through your burglar bars. With this, an essential takeaway note for you to remember is that if you’ve got glass windows or floor-to-ceiling glass treatments around your house, it’s best for you to have clear burglar bars installed.

It Doesn’t Obstruct Beautiful Views

Especially if you live around an area with beautiful views; probably the precise reason why you even have a glasshouse, to begin with. You want your home to make the most out of the 360-degree view of the mountains to the north, and the beach on the right. If you put burglar bars around, it would feel like the thick metal, or black color obstructs the whole view. Hence, the beautiful views become pointless if you opt to install this kind of burglar bar. With clear burglar bars, however, you have the best of both worlds. Not only are you keeping your home safe from potential intruders, but you’re also maintaining the beautiful view surrounding you. With clear burglar bars, people inside your home will no longer feel as if they’re in prison, as is the case with the usual burglar bars.

It Increases The Value Of Your Home

Combining the first two sections, of safety and aesthetics, you now get to enjoy the third benefit of clear burglar bars, that is, increasing the value of your home. Homeowners with glass windows and glass houses do not just have it, out of coincidence, or for no reason at all. This is most likely due to the outstanding views that the homeowners would like to showcase. If you’re going to sell your house someday, with clear burglar bars, you have an asset that increases the value of your home. Buyers of your home still get to enjoy the views that it offers, with the additional safety feature. Surely, no one wants to buy a home, whereby they get themselves thinking, “How safe am I going to be with my family here, in spite of this view?”

It Is Tamper-Resistant

Another thing that puts homeowners on the fence about installing burglar bars in their homes is the fact that the usual burglar bars’ steel can easily tamper. Depending on its exposure to the heat, water, or even to insects and animal urine, it is bound to develop rust over time. With clear burglar bars, this isn’t the case. Clear burglar bars are tamper-resistant and are pretty easy to maintain. All you have to do is to wipe it down with a damp cloth regularly, as you clean your house, then you’re good to go. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a longer-lasting safety feature in your home than one that you’ll have to keep on repainting due to the rust?

Benefits Of Installing Clear Burglar Bars - burglar

It Is UV-Proof

This factor is a bonus to homeowners who are also concerned about the UV-factor of their homes. Despite having glasshouses, technology now allows homes to have beautiful transparent tints that still has a level of UV protection. With this, you’ll no longer have to keep closing your curtains every time the sun is out. You can make the most out of natural light circulating your home, too. With your clear burglar bars, you have the same amount of UV protection. Hence, you wouldn’t have to be worried about harmful sun peeping through the holes of your bars. The sun doesn’t affect these clear burglar bars, nor do they also have yellowish discoloration, over time.

It Protects Your Children From Accidents

This section applies to those of you who are living in multi-level homes with young children. Even if you close your glass windows the whole time, you can never really be too sure that your kids won’t have access to opening them. Eventually, smart and sneaky toddlers are going to find their way towards opening these glass windows and floor-to-ceiling doors. Especially on multi-level homes, this can be a dangerous nuisance, that might cause accidents, such as having kids fall off your homes. With clear burglar bars, not only are you keeping your family safe from burglars, but you’re also keeping your children safe from unwanted accidents. Burglar bars are spaced in a way that’s impossible for human beings to go through the gaps, hence you’ll no longer have to worry about children suddenly falling off your glass windows. If you’re locked out of your home, be careful though, as you’ll no longer be able to go through your window, like how you probably used to!


Crime is a common issue wherever you may be in the world. As much as you would like to create aesthetically pleasing homes, it also cannot be denied that there are just some security measures that you need to put in place. One of which is burglar bars. With changing times, burglar bars have also evolved to have better aesthetic value – hence, the clear burglar bars that are in place today. Being aware of these benefits and so many more, if you don’t have one installed in your home yet, then it’s about time that you do.

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