How to install a wood fence?

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A house can be incomplete without a wood fence on the exterior. There are multi-purposes for installing a wooden fence in your home, including privacy, security, value, and aesthetic appeal. It also helps to keep children and pets inside. Looking forward to paint your fence? You can check the paint guide at Paint Catalogue. It can be considered an asset to the house as it provides a certain character and depth to your house.

How to install a wood fence

You can install a wooden fence depending on your budget and aesthetic taste in fences.

Here is a list of steps to follow if you want to install a wooden fence in your yard:

1. First, you have to choose the material for your wooden fence. The material to choose depends on your budget, maintenance cost, and the durability you want in your fence.

2. You can use a wood fence as it is the most traditional type of fence outside homes. Lasting between 5-20 years, especially if you use cider over pine as it is more long-lasting, they are relatively inexpensive. The only disadvantage is that they are harder to clean after painting.

3. If you want even more durability in your fences, you can use vinyl fences as they can last for a lifetime. The colors don’t fade over time and are easy to clean even after getting painted with the best paint for wood fences. They are expensive to install if you see the upfront cost.

4. You can even use brick or concrete blocks to create a sturdy wall. It can be covered in cobble or plaster or placed perpendicularly to make planters in the wall. It is an even more expensive option than others but lasts longer than wood even.

5. You can even grow green fences if your city is restrictive about permits. Arborvitae is an evergreen shrub that grows up to three feet per year.

6. After deciding the material, you can string-tied stakes to calculate the fence perimeter and mark corner locations. You can even measure the immediate post’s location. The normal spacing to be used is 8 feet or 2.4 meters from center to center.

7. You can then dig holes of the depth of at least a quarter to one-third of your intended fence height. You can use a post-holer for it. You can even use a manual digger or a motorized auger.

8. Place few inches of gravel at the base of the holes to prevent any chances of post rotting and drainage.

9. Place four by four posts on the height you want by factoring in the holes’ depth. At last, seal the tops of the posts to prevent damage from rainwater.

10. Ensure that the post is plumb and to the desired height by using a post level and then pour in the concrete and mixing it with water. Keep checking its straightness by using the post level. You can even make the mix of concrete with water before pouring it into the hole. You can use the temporary cross to hold the post in place as the concrete hardens for at least twenty-four hours.

How to install a wood fence - building fence

11. Rails of a 2x4s set can be placed between the posts in a perpendicular position. Mainboards of fences must be attached to these after being measured and cut to fit in between posts.

12. You then have to take a 1×4 flat and make it the same height as your post. You can then nail the flats to the rail’s top, middle, and bottom. The rails must be perpendicular and look like a T with the boards.

13. After the frame has been fixed in the posts, you can fasten the inside edges into the posts by utilizing deck screws. The deck screw should be rust-proof to prevent the discoloration of the fence.

14. Useless the one-inch thick slats or pickets of any width and nail them into the rails using two-inch screws or nails. Use a space between the boards to get even level and less space between them than their width. Repeat the process across the whole fence.

15. The slats should then be attached to the inside of the fence. They must cover the gaps from the outside boards.

16. You can add a gate to the fence if you want to have an entrance to the yard.

17. You can then paint your wooden fence as you wish. A decorative top can be painted, or you can grow shrubs at the bottom of the fence.

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